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Welcome back


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Welcome back to everyone and thanks for the mail to invite us all back.


I look forward to seeing everyone in game again and can't wait till we get there.


Hope they give server names soon so the site can pick one.


Glad to see both old friends and new people.


I look forward to RPing with everyone in game very soon!

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Hi fellow FFT person and welcome back to you too!


And yes, thanks for the email, good point. I wouldn't be here if not for them.


I hope there's only one RP server so we don't have to pick one, last time was a bit of a mess, though we also had fun moments (like when we all started doing "vote for X server" posters).

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I doubt we will have the server issue this time. 

Welcome back to the RPC. I've always found monks more useful than samurai, but the female samurai has one of the best illustrations in the series.

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Welcome back! Or...are you welcoming ME back? Or maybe I'm welcoming myself back? I don't know.



Wait, who said that? I did. Wait, but you're me! Oh gods, I am! How am I talking to myself?! What's going on?! Reality is deconstructing itself before my eyes! The matrix is breaking open to the gaping maw of the black void! It's sucking me in, breaking me apart molecule by molecule wtih a pull s0 strong th@t e3vn tHe coNc3pts 0f l@nguage adN nUm$b3rs ar3 bieNg c0r%upted @nD suCk3d ni w1tH m3 2#2 %DSa R2$4x4*5 321



* Faceman7381 casts Gravija on Ellie.

* Critical Hit! Ellie takes 2352 damage.

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