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Meet and Greet June 3, 2016

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WHO: Heartsong Sanctuary

WHAT: Meet and greet RP event

WHEN: 9pm EST, June 3rd 2016

WHERE: Lavender Beds, Ward 7, Plot 45


Greetings and salutations!


Heartsong Sanctuary has just opened its doors to refugees of all kinds or for those who are looking for a home. We'd love to meet new people, and make connections with other companies as well, so please be sure to stop by! We'll be raffling off prizes and will accept donations as we face the daunting task of buying our own FC house.


This RP event is being hosted at the Lavender Beds, Ward 7, plot 45.  It comes equipped with a small bar and a lounge upstairs, ample seating and open space downstairs, we welcome all who wish to stop by.


Come and meet the members that make up our Company, including a shy but very friendly Miqo'te named Whisper Sylvantails. An artist by trade, she will be running a live stream during the RP Event, doing what she does best: doodling and RPing! We look forward to your arrival! Remember our place is a place of sanctuary!


Please note: This is an IC event!  Our doors will open for guests to arrive at 8pm EDT, June 3 2016 on the Balmung Server. The first raffle for prizes will start at 9pm EST. This event will be posted on the calendar as well. For more information or details please feel free to contact:


Kulain Qalli

Yisu Dataq

Ritsuko Takejiro

Whisper Sylvantails

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