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Who We Are:


We are Ironsong. We are those who've been forged in the fires of success and failure, struck by the hammer of those who sought to use us against the anvil of the world. They crafted not a sword or the pike, but a heart. Each ring of the steel is an echo of battle, a promise kept, and the brace of those we hold dear as it was shaped; as it is still being shaped. Would you add your ring, your cry, to the metal din of the Ironsong heart? Will you sing long? Can you sing true?


Our Mission:


The free company of Ironsong is a close cadre of professional agents and investigators, bound together through adversity to provide a refuge for its members. Its mission is to provide solutions for our clients that include intelligence gathering, threat assessment, security services, and field operations without the heavy-handed action of traditional mercenary companies.


OOC: Who We Are:


Ironsong is a fairly new RP FC making our home on Balmung.  We came together in February of 2016, and though we've not been around long, most of our members are familiar with each other from previous Free Companies.   We are eager to add new faces to the group!


When we are not RPing, we are a social-casual group of friends. We run some content here and there, and keep an active Discord server for the use of members of the Free Company and their friends.


We are primarily a US-based FC.  Most of our members are EST and CST, though we do have a fairly active late night group as well.  As many of our members have families and full time jobs our activity is highest on the weekends, though we do maintain some activity during the week.


We define ourselves as a lore-plausible, meaning that we understand that the information given by Square Enix is often incomplete and at times difficult to adhere to.  We strive to follow what we’ve been given while not stifling imagination.


We are a medium to heavy RP guild; this means that we are IC in spatial chat, but often goof off in FC chat for no better reason than to enjoy the company of our friends. We expect our members to support a positive OOC environment to foster growth, encourage creativity, and build stories together.  We have a one-and-done policy for IC drama spilling into OOC.  Members receive a warning and if the issue persists are removed.


OOC:  Recruitment


We are looking for more RPers to join this motley crew!  We have an incredibly varied group of characters, from scholars to combatants and everything in-between.  The tasks the company ventures out on vary from combat, to more stealth based tasks.  We also have avenues open for those of you who love a good mystery!  Healers, with as much as some of these people get themselves hurt, you’ll never be lacking for work!


Want to meet us in-game? Stop by our house in the Goblet! We're in Ward 4, at Plot 16. Our FC house is an IC area, so if you come by, expect to be RPed at! We also can be found at Gold & Glory's tavern, the Bountiful Chest, every other Saturday night starting at 8pm CST!


Recruitment Contacts:  Etherie Etoluna, Leonar Nightfall, Zakrin Aier


Application:  Ironsong Company Application

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