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Nubby Nublet

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Ok so not quite a nublet xD.


Hi i'm Cynerik, better known as Kiyan Griever in game. I spent the first few levels - ok first 50 levels - over on Leviathan and haven't looked back since transferring to Balmung. I'm very interested in RP but haven't had much luck finding any outside my group that transferred over with me, one of which has since quit the game for life reasons :(.


So now I'm looking new people to Rp with. Anyone game?


Character: Kiyan Griever

Server: Balmung

FC: Art of War

Fav hangouts: usually the Gold Saucer, goblet, Limsa Lominsa or Idyllshire when its not making my lag spike.


Message me anytime. I usually answer if I'm not afk or asleep :).

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