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Official, "Hello, I'm here, I'm new to this" thread! Hi

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Hi hi hello! I'm Cake and I've been roleplaying in mmos for one or two years now; somewhere thereabouts. I never rp'd before an mmo, and I never really got into deep character relationships or complicated plotlines and journeys in the time I've spent- something I'm really working to change in FFXIV. I still consider myself quite a noob.

While I've been here for a while now, I'm making a thread now after I've become more comfortable and have a real character :cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:


I bought the game a little less than a month ago and transferred to Balmung a week or two later, so I've been here for a bit. I've been exploring, leveling, learning lore, dabbling in rp- but very little as of yet. I'm on the lookout for FCs, linkshells, and friends! But enough about me. Character mini-bios go! I generally roll with one main and one or two major alts, with any other slots not functioning as real characters (unless the need for another alt hits, which I doubt- two to three keeps me plenty busy). As such, I'm working on my first character, with a planned alt.


My main is Koh'te Galanai, a young male Keeper of the Moon who lives and works in Limsa Lominsa doing odd jobs and mercenary work (the more proper term would be "hired thug," though he's loath to refer to himself as such). He's good with knives, kind of dumb, and largely ignorant to the world outside his own life's bubble. He's not the nicest guy by any means, but he's got a good heart. Buried in there somewhere. Probably. I fell in love with Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea in general, so he's been developed as I learn the lore of the game as I progress. He's in need of contacts, and looking for work- he's realizing he can't get by without a set job without a steady income (cue FC needs- he'll do anything that includes working as a guard, or someone with that skillset). Possible ways a character would know him IC would be from living in Limsa, specifically the not-so-nice part, or from beating him up/getting him arrested if your character is the hero type and was busting some crime boss or drug lord who he'd been hired to guard.


Granted, in the long run he may not be my main and some shenanigans may be pulled with Fantasia potions, once I've wrapped my head around Eorzea in general and pull out a character I like better (I'm really crushing on the Twelveswood culture right now). But he's what I've got for now.


Alt-wise, I've got my witchboy. He's still a concept, not a character- as in, he's nameless and raceless, though it'll probably be some culture-viable variant of Noah. It's a design I really like, and am carrying over from my own random creative writing as well as other mmos: a traveler, quiet, mysterious, unknown- who always smells like the sea for some reason. I just really enjoy that kind of mysterious, witchy aesthetic, where stuff is constantly a bit off but it's never getting explained. In Noah's case, he'd probably ICly be a Conjurer of some sort, who specializes in water. He's quiet, reserved, delicate; he can see things from reading the water, the way it ripples, the way the waves move. He's a fortune teller of sorts. He'd also sell potions and whatnot, most likely. I can't exactly put the feeling into a few words here, but if you go here, you can read a little blurb I wrote in planning way before I got the game. I had originally planned him as a Sun Seeker, but with my other catboy already here he might end up Hyur or Elezen (or a second Keeper, even. I like Keepers.). Forgive the overly flowery language- I feel it fits him. It's kind of obnoxious, though.


Koh'te's got a small wiki article also, but it's fairly bare-bones at this point. And I need to work out the kinks of having a nice layout and whatever.


Anyways, thanks for reading this (if you've actually read all the way through). If you've got linkshells or FCs that're active, recruiting, and need some kinda guard (or just wanna rp), hmu in-game! I'm on most nights and EST, but stay up late so it's whatever. I'm only on Koh as of now and I'm in dire need of more contacts. I've only got one person I've rp'd with multiple times as of yet, and I despise the overcrowdedness of the Quicksand. So many floating blue names! I can't see!

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