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Hey there! Kat here!


I'm new to this website but not altogether new to roleplaying itself. I've been roleplaying on and off for the better part of fifteen years. I got my start in mIRC and AIM chat rooms when I was a wee preteen. Who all even remembers those days? hahah


I eventually moved onto play-by-post roleplaying in forums and journals, and that was my favorite method of writing for a long time. However, the forum I frequented eventually died and became little more than a graveyard, forcing me to move onto other places and other things.


Admittedly, I've never roleplayed within an MMO. The only MMO aside from FFXIV that I've played is the Lord of the Rings Online which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I'm finding I like FFXIV better.


I found this site, specifically, through a simple Google search. I hear all the time about RP in MMO's, and I thought it might be fun. Unfortunately, being the newb that I am, I have yet to find any role-players in the game itself. My rp style will probably begin light and may eventually transform into medium, but I'm not sure if I'll transition into heavy writing. On forums, I tend to write a pretty decent amount, so if I move into heavy writing, it'll probably take up a lot more time than I actually have. Between a rabbit for whom I need to care and a full time job, I just don't have the time.


At the moment, I'm in Gilgamesh pushing Kateri through Lancer levels to get her to become a Dragoon. My boyfriend thought that FFXIV would help distract me from my Funko Pop! collecting, and so far he hasn't been wrong. Instead of spending forty dollars USD on Pops!, I've spent that money on this game. hahahah


Anyway, I can be found in-game most of the week, on and off between 7pm and 9pm UTC-7. Because I'm leveling my character, I don't have any specific haunts, so if you want to chat, just send me a /tell and add me to your friend list.


Finally, I should mention that I'm already in a Free Company called Shinra that isn't RP focused, but I'm still open to freelance roleplaying both within the game and within this forum.


See you around!

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