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Training In All Forms [Gridania; Non-Canon]

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This is simply a non-canon, kinda training type of rp for something that I think some of use enjoy doing, but rarely get to do. Combat. Whether it be magic, wielding a sword or lance, or even firing a bow. I figured it might be good to get in some sort of training for it. Because it's fun, no? I certainly enjoy writing battle sequences and would love to write them more and become better - Hence this thread! Do join, one and all.




After Bahamut attacked, everyone wanted to know how to fight. Everyone that was able, at least. They did not want to be caught unawares by another surprise attack by some form of monster, plus people thought it would be a good idea to at least know some form of self defence against the Garleans, should they attack. Gridania. A tranquil place in the forest that had a vast amount of people who wanted to learn and train in arts that they once did not understand.


One of these people was Paradyme. A young, red haired mage-in-training who wanted to excel himself in the magical arts. Black magics, to be more precise. He had always enjoyed hearing stories about wizards doing amazing and powerful things in vast and grand battles. And that's what he wanted to do. Images of massive flares of fire throw across a battlefield to thoughts of crackling thunder spreading over the structure of his body. It was something that always had him in awe and wonder.


And now he was going to learn it. Basics first, but he was going to learn, nonetheless. He stood there outside of the building that was going to hold forms of training that day. Everyone was welcome to come and enroll. There was something for everyone. But of course, there would be age requirements. Adults were the only ones allowed to be trained. A sword in the hands of a child wouldn't prove good now, would it?


As the thought cross his mind, Paradyme shook his head, turning his attention back to the clock nearby. It was almost opening time. He couldn't wait. Who else would show up?

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Up trot what seemed to be a short Hyur girl to the building. She wore a wide-brimmed mage's hat that had seen more years than she had judging by the state of it. It was grey, and discolored in some spots. The pointed tip flopped off to the side, a couple of frayed black feathers on the end.


The rest of her appearance was as unimpressive as her hat. A long robe that hung near flat on her underdeveloped frame, too long in the arms such that it fell over her hands. Baggy pants, no shoes. Her hair was black, alarmingly straight, and hung to about her shoulders, framing her ash toned face. Her eyes were angled slightly, large pupils rimmed by a thin light blue iris.


She peered around, spotting nearby another who had come for the lesson. It was obvious he was waiting for it. She knew just from looking at him standing there, looking nervous, uncomfortable, but.. excited, like her. She hurried over to him, on hand flailing up to hold her hat in place as she tripped a little before regaining her balance quickly. She smiled at her company, close-lipped, before speaking and sounding winded, "Hi!"

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The red haired young male looked to the other as she began her run up to him, a slight wince at the sight of her almost tripping up under her own velocity. That would have been problematic for a first day no? A live subject for white mage training already. Alas, he smiled to her meekly as she spoke her hellos and he bowed his head respectfully, his hat not so floppy as the other's. "Ah, hello. Are you here for the training, too?" He asked curiously.


There was a large sign on the door. And there were even posters posted on boards all around Gridania. So it was a well advertised thing. "I'm here personally for the black mage training. I know they have other training things too..." He answered, leaning back against one of the posts that held the overhang up. "I take it by the hat and robes that you're here for the same, too?" He tilted his head a little. His well fitting clothes allowing him to cross his arms without much of a problem.


There were sounds from inside the building, that of workers still setting up dummies and people still getting their lessons in order. It was a big thing for them! And thus, there was still time to chat and get to know people before the lessons began.

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Sitting on a stump nearby was a beastof a man. A hulking Highlander, the mere girth of his chest enough to intimidate, never mind the deep red of his eyes. On his own, and seeming to watch the others, he sat patiently.


Well, it could have been patience onhis rough, stubbled face. It could also have been hunger, sadness, or the desire to murder...

Maybe... not that second one.


He was dressed casually; leather bootsdone up his calves, light cotton breeches belted at his hips, and a white, loose sleeveless shirt. The clothing did nothing to hide his deep bronze skin, littered with discoloured scars. Sun-bleached blonde hair, one up in tight braids on his head, stood as a stark contrast between his skin.


The Highlander seemed to be with noone, simply waiting, a big hand reaching back to scratch at the nape of his neck, where crawling out from under his shirt was scales in the form of ink, tattooed in to his skin and fading at his hairline.

He actually had little desire to bethere, in any form.

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The girl glanced down at herself, blinking in a moment of confusion at his comment on her attire. She straightened her hat again, as tilting her head forward has made it slip slightly.


"Oh! Ah- black mage training? Yes! Yes, o'course." She made a little fluttering motion with her hands, sleeves slipping back over them, as if such a thing was associated with magic-casting. Which it was, to her. She knew not much of it, after all! She gave him another toothless grin, letting her hands hang at her sides again.


She looked around, little smile still on her face, "Who's he? The teacher?" She pointed at the Highlander, having noticed him when he finally moved. He apparently wasn't a statue.

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Paradyme smiled warmly to the young lady that had approached them, turning to see the other that was there. How on earth did he miss him? He was one of the first here. He had already decided that he wanted to arrive here early so that he didn't miss anything. Any of the work or training or testing. He wanted to see -everything-! "Oh, uh... I don't know, actually." He answered, looking to the highlander with a bit of a blink.


He was gruff looking. Not someone you'd wanna meet down a dark Ul'Dah alley. "Are you here for the training too?" He asked, curiously. "You... Don't seem like you need it..." He blinked, looking between the two of them that were there, now. Time was passing. And it was getting closer to the start of the training day. He turned back to the girl and continued, "Ah, good. Another that will be in my class, it seems." He finished, standing up straight and stretching.


His back cracked lightly and he winced a little with a slight whimper of pain. It was certainly needed though, a satisfied look soon dawning on his face at the result of the soothing.

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The hulk of a Highlander turned to seethe boy who had addressed him. Boy? More like girl, the little Hyur was a stick with robes, a broom could have more use of these classes than he!

A slight grin slips over his roughface. He liked the little ones.


“Train?” He asks, voice deep,matching his thick appearance. Standing he stretches the thick, corded muscles of his arms over his head, cracking his neck. “I have more cycles spent training than you have life.”


Walking over to the pair, crimson eyesslips over each one, much more time lingering on the female than the male. “What are you two here to do?”

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The girl simply smiles still as the Highlander speaks. As he stands, she looks up. Literally. He was near twice her height--or it sure seemed like it from her angle. Her hand again goes to her hat, holding it in place.


More cycles training that she had life? Oh it was very likely. She was only thirteen or so, after all. She'd never admit it, though. Not that she'd need to, her mannerisms and appearance easily gave away her youth. But not much else. A simple Hyur girl, so she appeared.


"Magic," she stated, glancing to the red-haired Hyur with a nod. That was indeed what she'd said she was here to do. "You're not the tea--trainer, then?"

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A young Hyur, not a day older than 17 it would seem, starts to appear on the road to the area that would host the city-wide training day. Countless people began to appear, along with him. Different shapes of people in different clothing and even stranger weapons. A common trait, though, was the quality of the weapons and armor as most blades were worn and the armor was rusted.


Farridor was no different. Well, he was among the lower teir of people who did not even have much armor on, save for the mages. He wore a leather tunic, basic in design, with sleeved pauldrons that extended to just above his elbows. On his forearms were your run of the mil gloved vambraces. His legs were covered in with padded leather leggings and laced boots. The thing that made his armor stand out, other than the worn, scuffed marks of time, was the red splotches covering the leather, as though he just got done strangling a Dodo, though he himself, a skinny, scraggly boy, would not look the part to do such an act.


In his hand was a worn guisarme. The blade dull and rusting in some parts, looked like it was intimidating Eras ago, and the shaft itself was wrapped in some kind of cloth, either for support or to hide the quality the wood was likely to be in.


Seeing the gathering ahead of him already forming, he took to running to ensure the last of a possible, decent place in line. Approaching the crowd, only a few yalms away, he tripped, and while trying to keep himself from face-planting, he both failed and broke the shaft of his pole-arm.


He stayed face down for a while, debating whether he should get up or stay until the crowd leaves, and if he were to get up, he couldn't help but to ponder if leaving would be a suitable relief from his embarrassment. Eventually he succumbed, raising himself up to pick up his broken weapon, grumbling to himself.

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Nearby, a shaggy-haired Miqo'te winced, shouldering a wooden training sword. No more than twenty-five cycles, he had an overall lazy look about him, with heavy-lidded eyes, wavy blue-grey hair, and abstract face painting that marked him as a Keeper of the Moon. He turned his head to spit out the reed he'd been chewing before approaching the younger Hyur.


"You okay, kid?" He asked, then continued, without waiting for an answer, "I swear. Kids these days've got no sense of coordination. Must be a lack of calcium or something." He combed his fingers through the back of his mop of hair as he spoke, a faintly annoyed expression on his face.


Having said that, he eyed the Hyur's broken weapon with a soft tsk. "Well, drinking more milk won't save that thing, but you seem none the worse for wear." He held out his hand, simultaneously offering the other man a greeting and a lift to his feet. "The name's Ken."

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She was so small, he wondered if hecould use her as a weapon. Probably, though it would have had to be blunt edged... she did not look very sharp.


“Not really.” He replied, foldinghis arms over his big chest, glancing around spotting the other Hyur and Miqo'te. “I mean, I could very well teach, but I came out of boredom.”

Half a truth. He had actually comelooking for fresh meat, and such a place was usually good in finding that. Company for the eve sounded splendid.


Clearing his throat the man glancesdown again, squinting to look at the girl harder. “Magic? Can you wield a sword? There's no sense doing any kind of casting until you can.”

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The girl pursed her lips in thought at the Highlander as he spoke. She folded her arms over her chest, a sort of subconscious mimicry of him.


She glanced over to the other Hyur as he got up off the ground, light blue gaze flicking to the Miqo'te who had stopped to assist him. She straightened up slightly and looked back to the Highlander.


"Sword? Nuh- why do y'say that?"

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Never done an accent for any RP or writing purpose before, so hope I do good on this!


Farridor looked up, meeting Ken's gaze only to look down at the mess and embarrassment he had created for himself. Frustrated, he hit the ground with a balled fist. "y-yea--" He began, but was soon cut off. By the time the young Hyur looked back up, the Miqo'te had already extended a hand to help. He bundled his broken weapon together and took the other male's hand, raising up.


"Ken, yeh?. Er...Thanks. Farridor" The young man said, nodding slightly. He began to dust himself off. "I suppose a blacksmith's assistant shouldn't be enterin' 'n these things, but I jus' wanted to feel ah bit useful." He shook his head an grimaced. "I'mma wreck ah know, but was hopin' ah could join tha Adders if ah train enough!"


Farridor looked over his new acquaintance in interest, "How 'bout you, eh? Seems like you're pretty straigh' yourself, though yeh look like yeh don' wanna be here."

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"Me? Hm." Ken glanced around, taking in the rest of those gathered. His eyes narrowed as his gaze lingered on the girl and Highlander briefly. Rubbing his chin, he turned back to Farridor.


"Heh. I just didn't have anything better to do," he said with a wry grin. "I lost my job and thought I could prove myself here. Maybe join the Adders myself, if they're paying."


The Miqo'te cocked his head, eyeing the Hyur speculatively. "So, a blacksmith's apprentice. Well, you already know how to hammer things into submission. I'd say that's half the battle. Maybe learn a little finesse, and drink plenty of milk while you train." He nodded sagely.

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“Why do I say that?!” He repeatedas if surprised by the very words. Unfolding his arms he places his hands on his hips, “Well, if you can't cast then what? Are you going to rely on your looks little girl? Because I would not put all of your spriggans in that basket.”


Twelve, what did she think happened onthe battlefield? He hated teaching, he had no patience for it. But there was always a need for bodies, skilled or not. And he was really not the one to teach them.

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"Me? Hm." Ken glanced around, taking in the rest of those gathered. His eyes narrowed as his gaze lingered on the girl and Highlander briefly. Rubbing his chin, he turned back to Farridor.


"Heh. I just didn't have anything better to do," he said with a wry grin. "I lost my job and thought I could prove myself here. Maybe join the Adders myself, if they're paying."


The Miqo'te cocked his head, eying the Hyur speculatively. "So, a blacksmith's apprentice. Well, you already know how to hammer things into submission. I'd say that's half the battle. Maybe learn a little finesse, and drink plenty of milk while you train." He nodded sagely.


Farridor joined the Miqo'te in the view before grumbling at the words spoken to him. "Hrmph.. Ahm no kid, Ah don't need any milk..Ahm jus' trained ta do what I been told!" Farri said, begrudgingly. He shot a glance at Ken before looking back down at his weapon in his arms. Perhaps he was better off going home, he pondered as some of the less-dry dye seeped into the cloth of the shaft of the now defunct guisarme. Sighing an irritated, though disappointed breath, he changed the subject, looking over to the huge, taught beast of a man towering over most of those around him.


"Ah hope they don' pair us off...Ah hate te be paired with that guy.." He pointed in the direction of the Highlander, already knowing some poor soul will be stuck face to face with Death incarnate.

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Ken peered in the direction Farridor pointed, lifting one hand to shade his eyes from the sun as he looked the Highlander over appraisngly. "You're wrong," he said distractedly. "Calcium is important. Helps keep your bones strong and healthy." He narrowed his eyes a bit, eyeing the smaller figure for a moment longer with a thoughtful frown.


Suddenly, he turned back to the Farridor. "Hey. Let's introduce ourselves to the other trainees." He made a grab for Farridor's wrist and immediately started toward the girl and Highlander. As he walked, he continued rambling. "It'll help build camaraderie. A unit needs that like our bones need calcium; without it, the delicate framework holding it together falls apart."



Assuming Farridor doesn't pull away, Ken would all but drag the poor guy with him to see the others. xD


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The girl bristled slightly as the Highlander berated her for her answer. Of course she didn't think of such things. She was obviously too young to have experienced any sort of battle herself.


She glared at him, boldly stating the obvious, "Y'ain't very nice." As far as she was concerned, that was that. She didn't want to talk to him anymore. She turned away from him.


She was regretting succumbing to curiosity and coming here now, as more joined the group. She looked to the Miqo'te and Hyur as they arrived, arms hanging at her sides again, no longer mimicking the 'mean Highlander's' stance.

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He shrugged the girl off, he didn'tlike the difficult ones, he wanted to put in as little effort as possible in to keeping their attention. Is she thought he was mean, she would not last a tick in actual battle.


He kept his place, feet solid in theground as he noticed the other two walking over, one blabbering on about milk of all things. Twelve, he enjoyed a good glass of milk like anyone else, but ale sounded much sweeter at that moment.


Sighing deeply the Highlander shiftshis weight, but remains silent for now, an observer.

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Farri shook his head, "Nah, flagon of ale or mead is wha--!!" but to no avail he was snatched up and almost literally drug over to the girl and Highlander, "N-nah is fine, Ahm sure they'll pair us, or s-somethin'!"


Giving up the resistance, the Hyur gazed over to his fate. There the stoic barbarian stood, with a particular girl standing near him. "Is she /really/ tryin' tah talk to him?" he thought out loud to himself, but as they drew closer he realized they would be next. It looked as though the girl wasn't squished yet, so it could be safe enough. Or maybe the big man had a soft spot for girls? What if he said the wrong thing?? Would this be the end?? There was another particular person, a male by the looks of it within close proximity of the Highlander, suggesting he-too was dragged into the girl's acquaintance-making trap.


The two men approached the other group. Quite a spectacle to see, if others were paying attention to what was going on, but in truth they looked as different as anyone else and blended in quite well. Bahamut's destruction really did a number on the continent, but it certainly pulled everyone closer together, no matter shape or class.


Quickly, Farridor tried to hide his broken weapon, putting it behind his back as the two men took their final steps. The dye on his armor finally seemed to dry just enough to stop bleeding everywhere, though it did not mean it made his armor look better. Settling on his fate, he sighs again, and begins the formalities, "AH--erm...Hi there?"

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Paradyme looked around the group that had formed and smiled brightly. There are plenty of people here! That was a good sign. It meant people had heard about it. And that excited him! All the learning that would be done! It was a nice thought. A thought that people wanted to stand up and protect Gridania if they were asked to do so. Two others had joined the three that were already there. Another hyur, a few years younger than himself, it seemed. And a male miqo'te that seemed to have ventured over from nearby. How he missed these people he wasn't sure.


But he stood at the sounds of doors creaking open slowly, a male hyur stepping out, must have been in his late twenties or early thirties, he smiled to the small group, "Ah, are you all here for the training?" He asked, looking to each one individually. "Ah, yes. I am, at least." Paradyme piped up, smiling broadly. He was one of the first there. He was excited for this! "Black Mage training, specifically..." He answered on, looking to the others.


"I am unsure what the others are here for, though." He answered, blinking. "Well. I'm Jasper. I'm leading this project and you're all welcome. We do each item in sections, so you'll get to try different styles of combat throughout the day. Starting with swordplay this morning." He announced, looking through the group. "I do hope that fits everyone's expectations?" He asked, the smile never fading from his face.

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Ken turned to fix a measuring gaze on Jasper. "Hey, hey," he replied, tapping the wooden sword on his shoulder against his collarbone. "Suits me just fine."


Looking back over his other shoulder to the rest of their group, he lifted one hand in a casual salute. "Kendanni T'kara, by the way. Most call me Ken, though, 'cause long names are such a pain."

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The girl whirled around as Jasper came to greet them. With swords mentioned as the first training weapon for the day, she looked to the Highlander again, expecting him to look pleased.


"'e already knows swords--" she started, pointing to the Highlander in question. She assumed so, anyway, with how he had spoke earlier.

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The young male cleared his throat to speak, "Ahm Farridor. Uhm...Jasper, yeh? What if'n we don' have a weapon to fight with?"


Farri shamefully brought the pieces of his beloved guisarme, the fruit of his labors this morning. In truth, he could have prepared a much better weapon, though between running late and trying to scavenge spare parts without being scolded, it was the best he could do. And it still failed him. "Ah...um...", he began while looking at the girl, "Eh's not mah fault it broke...s'not the weapon Ah chose, either...eh's jus'...ah..." He rambled off, blushing before the girl, especially knowing that the other men would soon make fun of him.


Farri braced himself for the berating soon to come from either man, knowing at least he'd be safe knowing Ken already poked his fun about him...and said something about calcium...

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"Hey, Farridor," Ken began, shifting his eyes to the Hyur. "I heard there's an order of monks who fight with nothing but their hands and feet." He stooped to pluck a straw of grass and placed the end of it in his mouth. "Maybe you could learn to fight like them."

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