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[Siren] For Siren RPers / those interested in RP on Siren

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So, first off, I wanted to say hi to everyone who reads this and explain a little about myself.  I've been on these forums for a bit but just rarely really posted (Around a year now.)  And during that time I've seen some fantastic stories, an inspiration for RP and so forth.  I've been Role Playing in the form of D&D to MUSH(admitted I'm just barely old enough for those, they were dying when I started.) to SW:G to WoW and a precious little bit in FFXIV.  


Like many I always looked to Balmung as kind of 'The place for RP' with Gilgamesh acting as a secondary, and like many I agree at this point we do need a third RP server.


So, while I do know a call went out fairly recently for Siren RPers I'm putting another call out.  I'm trying to gauge the status and activity of what RPers do exist on the server and frankly this forum, to me, is one of the best ways to do that.  


I and about 5 friends are all relocating ourselves to Siren to try and just spark overall world RP.  I do know (by some whispers my friends get) that RP exists but it all seems to be very hidden and underground as if people are afraid of being discriminated against.  And yes, I know 5 people is not a whole lot but everything has to start from somewhere.



I realize we won't be a Balmung or likely even a Gilgamesh for some time (if ever) but what we can build is a nice cozy third home for RPers who don't want to deal with Balmung's server queues and perhaps want to start off on a less chaotic server than either Balmung or Gilgamesh offer.


That said, it would be fun to give Balmung RPers a run for their money on population. (Big hope and I love you guys over there. <3)


I'm also fighting to keep this as localized to Siren as possible.. I've seen multiple times people attempt this only to give up and go to either Gilgamesh or Balmung.  At least for the 5 of us either starting or coming over, we won't be doing this.


- Servaes White

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Saw this and decided it was good enough of a reason to actually register here, though I've been using it to lurk and read for some time now.


In regards to Siren's activity, I'm not overly sure how commonplace it is, but there's a few smaller open events for people to join, and a readily active linkshell with any number of people who regularly login. I'm only just getting there myself, but it's far from dead.


Again I'm no expert, but figured at least a response to say 'hey yeah we're alive' seemed important enough of a reason to post. Also, an early welcome, I might hit you guys up. I'm all for pushing that where more open world rp is a thing.

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Thanks for the response and the chat in game.  Yeah, the one thing I want to see like I described is more open world happening on Siren.  To take from a line I used in our chat, I really want to run through Limsa and see RPers all RPing with one another.. not everyone acting as if the others don't exist.


There is potential here on Siren just like there would be on any server.  It is just up to us and the members of it to do something with said potential.

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Perhaps its weird for me to reply in my own thread like this but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading this.  Those of you that has come over to Siren and offered support and those so far that have come to the server and endorsed all this with their own backing.


You're an awesome group of people and again thank the lot of you. =D

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