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A Stage Reborn

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A Stage Reborn

A 501c3 Nonprofit for the arts - and we're on FFXIV!


A Stage Reborn started as a community project based out of Final Fantasy XIV to encourage more players to use games as a creative outlet for the arts. We hosted non-role-playing costume contests, skits and later full-scale theatrical productions. With a team of arts professionals, lawyers, IT enthusiasts and life-long gamers, we pushed to get more people to recognize the power of interactive digital media (like MMOs) to leverage the arts experience in a world where access to the arts can be strained.


Many of our activities started on Final Fantasy XIV and have been based out of the Diabolos (Primal) server where we use housing, glamour and crafting to create activities to teach others about the arts while gaming in the comfort of their own home. All of our activities are free and open to the public so you never have to worry about grabbing show tickets like you do on Broadway - just make sure to get in early to get a good seat!


You can view some of the live arts in games projects we have done here!


The organization itself is also a proponent or the content creator community in gaming and often supports and collaborates with others such as The CrucibleMuseCastXIV, and GamerEscape. In 2017 we debuted charitable collaboration activities by participating in GamerEscape's Extra Life Content Creator Team where we all worked to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals through a livestream marathon.


So why should you care about A Stage Reborn? From providing opportunity to experience the arts in gaming to supporting the creative endeavors of the public, A Stage Reborn is here to connect the community and provide opportunities to a community we hold dear. Our activities are open and welcoming to the role-playing community because we recognize and support the artistic validity of role-playing.


If you'd like to follow and support A Stage Reborn or participate in our activities...
Discord / Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr


Read about A Stage Reborn, its mission and history here!

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Holy cow!!! THIS^


I have an actor/bard/ performer (Raeje Draeka) who is absolutely perfect for this. She works at Gilded Pony as a cabaret performer, so I have plenty of performance experience within the game. I also have experience doing plays within GW2 where I was the lead actor for my guild before it died. I have been missing doing plays SO much, and wanting to do them again more than anything. 


I'm on balmung, so I understand that the program won't be quite as developed as it is at Diablos yet, but like I said, I have experience (I also have RL theatre experience) so I would be more than willing to help you get it off the ground in Balmung if you would like my help.


Anyway, my internet isn't great where I am, so I can't join the linkshell until I get home, but I'm going to 100 % join you guys, because now I'm super happy, and have a goal in life.

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We can definitely use all hands on deck! I literally just got Stage Reborn up on Balmung post-3.3 during the login rush (restriction was lifted.) I have a few supportive folks so far and a couple on our Board members that may be making Alts or transferring Alts over as well, so we're looking forward to doing something great!


You're also free to check out our main location on Diabolos if you want to make an alt on the Primal data center. Our in-game locations are listed under the "Diabolos Theater" tab. (We're also on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/YouTube etc. with the name AStageReborn.)


Edit: Also, if anybody wants to join the linkshell, everybody is given leadership status so we can get folks in who are interested in what we do. Just send a /tell to Stage Reborn or ask around and people in the LS can pearl you. Thanks!

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