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Hey all, avid roleplayer looking to get in on the action that is Balmung.


My girlfriend and I are in a RP community on Brynhildr but things with that group are getting kinda stale so we're wanting to test the waters here.


I made a character on Balmung like 2 years ago and never played him so until we can get her squeezed into this super-packed server I'm kinda scouting around looking for friends and playmates.


Looking forward to meeting some of y'all

Right now my character name is Sender Amcartha

That is lkely to change as I finish working out character deets with my g/f


--MMORPG background

I've pretty much only seriously played FFXIV.  I dabbled in WoW and DCUO

--RP experience

I've been a roleplayer and storyteller since the age of 12, cut my teeth playing in tabletop RP during that glorious heydey of the late 90's (dating myself a bit, I know).  It's been a passion and a passtime I've never let go of

--Character ideas/info

Right now myself and my g/f have an idea for au ra twins fresh off the boat

--How did you learn about the coalition?

About 2 years ago I was looking for RP, did some Googling, found this place and thought I'd have to leave Bryn so I made a character on Balmung then found a group of RP'ers like the next day and so until recently I hadn't touched him lol

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Since I have a pretty bad work schedule I'm not able to play as often as I'd like.  But when I am playing and doing RP I am 100% balls to the wall on it

I guess Dense would be a good descriptor, small but heavy lol

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