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Introductions, I guess!

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I'm Sol, I've been here a bit but forgot to introduce myself.

My main (and currently only) character is O'wynn Tia, and I live over on Shiva.


MMORPG background:

Not much, unfortunately. I used to play Eden Eternal a year or two ago but lost interest.


RP experience:

I used to RP on and off over various IM formats for five years, give or take. I would love to get back into RP, and forum-based RP is something altogether new to me.


Character ideas/info:

O'wynn Tia, Seeker of the Sun.

Began his adventure recently, setting out into Eorzea for the first time outside his clan.


It's my first time attempting to build an entirely new character, and I don't think I'm versed enough in the lore yet to attempt a large backstory.


How did you learn about the coalition?

Google, mostly.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



Thank you for reading!

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Heya, Sol! well, it's good to know ya and I hope to maybe stop in on Shiva or if you make it to one of my servers we can kick it for a bit! I actually have NEVER heard of Eden eternal, what kind of game is it?

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Very nice to meet you as well!


As far as I can remember, Eden Eternal was/is a F2P anime-styled MMORPG. I got dragged into it by a friend of mine at the time and played well after he lost interest.

The story, in comparison to FFXIV, was thin on the ground but it was useful for learning basic MMORPG stuff (combos, cooldowns and cross-classing to name a few).

I lost interest because progression was pretty much impossible without grinding 24/7, and the gameplay boiled down to a boring series of fetch quests and 'kill an arbitrary amount of enemies'. The free part at least meant I could drop it without any regret.

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