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Stargazing at the Shire [Open]

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Idyllshire. The aspiring nation brought to life from the old ruins of the Sharlayan Settlement thanks to the combined efforts of the goblins and treasure hunters alike. At first, they had their disagreements. However, with such rich history of such a wondrous place leaving too much to offer for merely one group to partake in, a friendship was made, and thus, the idea of breathing new life into the old settlement erupted like the passionate fires in their hearts. But you knew of this brief summary already, didn't you? Yes, yes, you're not here for a history lesson. You're here for a bit of story-time and wonder, correct? Well then, let us begin...


Night had befallen the skies over Idyllshire, the residents of hunters and goblins as busy as ever, almost ceaselessly working on the numerous artifacts being uncovered, or the remnants of what history had left behind, or perhaps the Goblins tinkering about with old mechanical parts and creating them anew. But off to the side, hidden away behind the large factorial establishment settled in the heart of it all, a young Mi'Qote male stood upon a small archway, staring up into the night sky. Theodore Castagnier was his name, not that anyone else knew, as far as he was concerned. Heterochromatic eyes gazed up at the billions upon billions of stars littering the endless darkness up above, only accompanied by each other, and the bright light of the pale moon's glow. He wasn't certain what it was, but he had always found himself drawn to the night. Or perhaps he knew all too well what it was, as it was one of the few things that aided in keeping his sanity.


Not many bothered him as he stood there behind the factory. Many simply minded their business. Others were curious, if only for a moment. After all, it wasn't often you saw a Seeker of the Sun looking the way he did. One could easily mistake him for a Keeper of the Moon, if they bothered with such detail. That, and he was apparently the only one dressed in a coatee and dress slacks with matching loafers. The only other item that could possibly be worth mentioning was the white Chocobo feather pinned in his hair. A hair accessory that served to tell those of Ishgard that he was under the charge of one of the noble houses that served the Holy See. Oh, how he loathed the Holy See... but it was a necessary evil for the time being. No matter how much he hated it.


As his thoughts drifted, his feline ears twitched at the sound of what seemed to be incoming footsteps. They weren't like the usual ones of people power-walking about or having broken into a full sprint. No. These were like someone tip-toeing about. Someone skulking around behind him as though to mask their presence. That was something he was not terribly fond of.


"State your business." he said in a sharp tone. Though, despite the crack in his words, his voice did him no justice to serve for seriousness, as he always had a rather feminine, and perhaps childish sound to himself.

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