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Library RP House/FC?

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I know many folks make very lovely libraries out of their private chambers, but I wonder if there is an actual house/FC that has converted their house into a Public Library. Or, alternatively, if anyone might consider doing it? I think it would be a fantastic community RP hub if organized and ran consistently.


Just like real-life libraries it would host a WIDE variety of events and programs.


For example:


  • study groups
  • lore/history nights
  • poetry nights
  • book clubs
  • quizbowl nights
  • study zones
  • classes
  • story time [for characters with children]
  • library-supported literary plays
  • debate nights
  • IC author sign/read nights [for those who rp authors]

OOC they could provide:



  • Lore question/research help
  • a cozy area for studious & learning characters to meet up with like-minds
  • sharing of lore concepts and head canons for underdeveloped areas


The RP possibilities really go on and on because libraries are a vital part of any community. If someone does take up such an idea and has the time and dedication to see it through with vigor, professionalism, and enthusiasm, I'd happily donate to that cause.

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Well...not a 100% Library look but my own small personal house is mostly a Library. It has 10 bookcases, two tables side to side with 4 chairs, a couch and two armchairs and several piles of books laying around. Just 3 more pieces and I'm done with it for now.


We could try and work something out if my house works, but I'm fairly busy til July.


Goblet Ward 11, Plot 54 (South Subdivision)

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OOOOOOHHHH This is a fantastic idea. I couldn't be in the FC itself, but I vote 100% yes!

Raeje could help with poetry/play nights because she's a bard/actor. That is if you would like her help.


Of course, it's just an idea right now, but if you did make it happen, create a linkshell so that I could join, because like I said, I would love to be involved in this.

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:idea: While I am super busy with Crescent stuff as is, I would love to be involved with the concept and I've received a lot of folks interested in the idea, some from Crescent herself - so it might very well be something we start up soon enough be it a linkshell and small establishment.


I think great ideas start small so it would take time before, hopefully, getting a house for an RP spot, especially with recent housing issues. It would be awesome if we could all band together to make it a reality!


I'll try to update with whatever plans or implementation of concepts we might come across in the near future.


Thank you!

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