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Sinner's Sanctuary - Opening Night (July 15)

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When: July 15th, 9:00 PM (EST)

Where: Goblet W.4-P.42-Rm.6 

What it is: A place where the modern Eorzean Lady or Gent can come to wine, dine, and refine.

What it offers: The Sinner's Sanctuary is the culmination of class and elegance, bringing a variety of specialties to the table. From live music, to a unique cigar and drink menu, to flare bartending, spot light performances, and much, much more. 


Dress code is formal. 



*Disclaimer* The S.S. is in a nondescript location of the Goblet, and not actually within Crescent itself. 




The Sinner's Sanctuary is a classy venue tailored to fit the tastes of the classy and criminal. Opened by one Sterling Stone, a wealthy cleaner and occasional contract killer,  the Sinner’s Sanctuary is exactly that. Rumor has it that the Professional has managed to strike an accord with an anonymous benefactor from the Ul’dahn Syndicate and the doors to debauchery are open to all so long as the following rules are acknowledged: 

  • There is to be no killing. fighting, or harming other patrons.

  • There will be no arrests within the confines of the Sanctuary.

  • Business and negotiations can be conducted within the walls of the Sanctuary, so long as business does not conflict with the first and second rules. 


The Sanctuary operates on a strict neutral policy, and is a place where negotiations can be made to clear the names of those with contracts, hits, or bounties on their head. Those that do not follow the rules set within the Sanctuary will find themselves banned and barred from future visits. Circumstances may invoke more dire consequences. 



OOC: While the idea is centered for the more criminalistic RPers of the Balmung community, any and all are welcome within the lounge. I wanted to create a more classy venue and offer something unique to the Community. For those familiar with John Wick, the Sanctuary is set to function like the Continental Hotel. Rules can be broken on an IC basis, but understand, certain repercussions may ensue. (None that will be acted upon without player permission.)


The only thing I ask is for absolute respect to the others on Crescent grounds. While the room is within the Crescent building itself on an OOC level, it and the activities portrayed IC are not in any way, shape, or form, to be placed in association of Crescent itself. 


For more information on what will be offered at the -§-, please go here. The official page for the Sinner's Sanctuary can be found here.



If there are any questions, please contact me here, or in game on Sterling Stone / Caelric Spadille. 

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