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New To The Game (Looking for Something or another.)


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So I'm new to the game, just bought it A Few days ago and I was wondering if anyone wanted to 'adopt' a sibling/child/etc. This is an introductory post that I'm using to try to help me find someone to role-play with as well as find a 'Mentor' of sorts to help with the game as a whole.

My Name typically is Either Yeshua Or Alexander, Seeing as last names are allowed I'm going to wait to see if someone will take me under their wing so that I can take their last name.

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Hi there! welcome the the RPC, and I hope you enjoy the game so far! I'm not sure how you'd like to go about setting your char up, but I've heard of some folks taking other RP characters under their wing, so to speak. If you're looking for help in game, though, I'm sure anyone (myself included!) can provide answers!

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