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The Bountiful Chest Tavern: Grand Opening & Giveaway! (6/24 @ 9PM EDT)

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[align=justify]After the overwhelming success of the Bountiful Chest’s soft opening at our old, smaller venue and finally getting settled into our nice, new larger one, those of us at Gold & Glory Hunter’s Guild would like to invite everyone to the Bountiful Chest Tavern Grand Opening on Friday, June 24th!


We’ve got a beautiful new space with tons of room for all our hungry and thirsty patrons, whether you prefer bar, table, booth, outside, or even now poolside seating! There’s a new performance stage just across from the bar for those who like to put on a show or just make a drunken arse out of themselves. We’ve got a completely redone menu ( LINK) full of dishes and drinks that’ll leave your mouth watering! For those who like a little rough and tumble with their drinking and merrymaking, we’ve also got a fighting ring in Private Room #003 for all your bar brawling needs.


But most importantly, we’ve got a staff hellsbent on giving you the best, most immersive tavern night experience possible![/align]





[align=center]GRAND OPENING INFORMATION[/align]


[align=center][ DATE ]

Friday, June 24th, 2016.



The Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 41.



9:00PM Eastern / 8:00PM Central / 6:00PM Pacific.



11:00PM Eastern / 10:00PM Central / 8:00PM Pacific.

You're more than welcome to stay past Last Call. In fact, we highly encourage it

However, at this time, Player Staff will simply switch out for NPC staff so we can join everyone for more RP![/align]


[align=center]To get a preview of our beautiful new menu, check HERE.[/align]





[align=center]GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY[/align]


What Grand Opening would be complete without a little something extra special? We’ll be doing a GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY for your very own exceptionally bountiful chest! No, that doesn’t mean you get to take one of our lovely ladies behind the counter home for an evening. We’re talking an actual Dead Man’s Chest filled to the brim with 250,000G. How do you enter? By just being there, no purchase of raffle tickets required! The only stipulation is that you must be present to win when we draw at Last Call!





[align=center]ON WEAPONS, COMBAT, AND CONFLICT[/align]




[align=justify]We've talked it over and decided that outright banning all sorts of conflict at our tavern nights just wouldn't feel right. After all, we ARE a tavern ran and staffed by a rough and tumble guild of monster and bounty hunters. So we are no longer doing weapons checks at the door, but simply encouraging patrons to leave them behind voluntarily. Fistfights and such brawls, likewise, AREN'T explicitly banned. Our security staff will just be persuading you -- either by suggestion, threat, or physical removal -- to take all fighting to the sanctioned area, our Gilded Ring (Private Room #003), to keep from disturbing other patrons.


HOWEVER, we would kindly remind everyone that your in character actions WILL have in-character consequences. This is especially, doubly true for people who decide to draw weapons and/or carry out blatant acts of crime against another individual on our premises. So if you're looking for a place to play out your combat and violent crime scenes, you're welcome to try it if you really want to. Just be aware of the fact that you'll end up surrounded by a circle of very angry security with a paid talent for violence. And you'll likely end up unwelcome ICly to future Gold & Glory / Bountiful Chest events as well.[/align]



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