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The Leafs of Winter - (Balmung Medium RP Free company)

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Cold winds blow over the realm, years after the calamity threatened to bring everything to darkness. People lay scattered, moving like leaves blown in the wind. The strong prey on the weak, and the weak ever fearful of the strong. 


Though in the cold, a flicker of light, small and dim, standing defiant. A beacon to any lost soul that would challenge the growing darkness. 


Those that wish for change, those that would lay everything on the line, answer the beacons call, adding their own light to stand strong and resolute.


The lost, the broken hear the calling. They stray from the darkness and lead themselves to the light. They roar and beckon as more join the fray and as such, the light grows brighter. Those with ambition lead at the top, praying on those the darkness has taken in. More and more the darkness is,eaten away by the light. Through chaos brings neutrality and through neutrality comes peace. Peace in the hearts of those with a will to fight and with a single thought of doing what is right. The beacon yet calls.~~



The Leafs of Winter is a medium RP Free company hosted on the Balmung server. Newly created, we are a neutral to lawful good Fc that focuses on helping Eorzea achieve its goal of peace throughout the land without the end game of monetary gain. We do it because it needs to be done; to help those that are in need because it is the right thing to do.


We are rank 6 and have yet to have a house but are striving to it. Nice friendly environment, raiding, pvp, casual, social, crafting,etc... and everything else are absolutely accepted!


We are essentially a band of misfits so if you think that your character might be a good fit, please feel free to look us up in game or on here.


IG: Vespaer Dagalli; Anevay Newmoon~

          We can be reached mostly in the evening. Please do not hesitate to contact us for info!

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