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Blackthorn Explorers


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[align=center]Medium RP | Plot-driven[/align]



Founded by the chirurgeon Reinette Sompt, who grew bored with the tedious and sterile view of her apartment. Longing for adventure beyond the reaches of the four main city-states, she gathered together investments and friends alike to find the balance between joy and comforts. On this she founded Blackthorn Explorers . Named so after one of the main investors of the organization, it has since grown beyond to include those beyond just martial prowess.


After its namesake, profiting from adventuring into unknown lands in pursuit of technology, sagecraft, cartography, and whatever may need doing is the main doings of Blackthorn Explorers. Because of this, peoples of many varying backgrounds are called for. Adventurers and mercenaries for their ability to keep others safe; scouts and trailblazers for their knowledge of terrain; artisans and merchants who shall always keep us well-stocked and in the graces of locals - as well as establishing trade in far reaches; scholars whose insight prove invaluable in such remote locations. Those and more are welcome among BTE.


In the future, it is the hope of Blackthorn Explorers to grow in such strength as to follow their own desires. One they they will need no longer to take the contracts of others, but to pursue that which eludes them in the wilderness. There are adventures to be had in the beyond, and when strength waxes then it shall be unveiled.

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