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[Flyer] Maria & Draco; A Retelling

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Coming Soon To The Jewel Threatre in Thanalan


Witness the Timeless Struggle of Love



Defeated at the hands of the Eastern Prince, Ralse, Draco is lost to the battlefield and thought dead; His beloved, Princess Maria, is taken on as the General's prize to secure his line throughout the Western Lands and further expand his empire... Err long the stirrings of vengeance wake the hearts of many enraptured by love of woman and country.






Lord Cedric Holmes as...                                                                                     Draco

The Dark Lord of Ul'dah' as...                                                               Draco's Shadow

Lady D'nangho Tyaka as...                                                                                  Maria

Lady Shiro Qalli as...                                                                             Maria's Shadow

Lord Sorell Shaufette as...                                                                         Prince Ralse

Lord Beckett Shaufette as...                                                                   Ralse's Shadow





Edgar De'Rosso as the presiding Impressario

'The Starlight Song' Leturu Turu as acting Master of Music

Musical Orchestrations Performed by the Moonlight Venture

Members of the Gladiator's Guild as the Stalwart Soldiers of East and West



Tickets available now, starting at 10,200 gil per seat, 40,400 gil for second story private show boxes seating parties of four, and 70,800 gil for third story private show boxes seating six with complimentary catering services provided. All reservations must be made three weeks in advance and tickets provided at the door.

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