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Golden Apple is a Social and Causal RP focused FC.  For us it is important to enjoy the game together with eachother.  Most of us just seek Casual RP of all kinds or just to hang out and chat with eachother about everything. We are also not limited to RP. We also do play the game, so game play content will be a part of everyday life.


 We specialise in beach parties but also host a broad range of activities such as mingle parties, contests and competitions for prizes, story telling events and chain story events to name a few. An openly social, casual RP FC. While we are filling out numbers, we still plan on hosting events that will be open to the public to join. Open social events, be them small or large.



This Free Company accepts players of characters who are...


Kind and sociable, seek open RP, are of mature mind, willing to contribute to and support FC hosted events even all you do is show up and fill the crowd.


 Speak to any of the 3 heads about anything you might have in regards to questions or information about us. Please do not feel intrusive to send us a tell at any time!


 We are always looking for more people who are willing to put their hand in and offering their selves to us. Kitchen workers, Bartenders, Waiters/ Waitresses, Minglers, or just hang out. We're happy to included anyone and everyone. With just a simple mail dropped by, or even coming to visit us at the beach house. Mist ward 9 plot 19.


(All characters displayed in-game names)

Aendis Sul'lion - Chef and Event Coordinator

Trond Moss - Activities Director and Event Coordinator

Arine Leaf - House Owner and Apple Seller

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