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Pearl Lane

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Pearl Lane is a newly formed OOC linkshell 'hub' created in a bid to bring more roleplaying activity and life to one of the most avoided and shady streets of Ul'dah city.


We are very new so it's a little quiet but we hope to bring a little more hustle and bustle from top to bottom of the lane creating ample opportunity for passers by or those interested in the downtrodden theme of the place.


[align=center]While we welcome all and everyone to join in there are some basic simple guidelines we'd appreciate that you adhere to.[/align]


It is understood that the rough, boisterous, trouble-making and rugged characters are more likely to show an interest in this theme so please keep it IC.


We do not wish to turn Pearl Lane into the 'lolRP' hub or something similar so please engage with other roleplayers with courtesy and consideration. We suggest a polite /tell to step into somebodys space even if they have 'Walk ups/tell welcome' in their search infos.


We desire to bring quality and decent roleplay to this area with the help of a linkshell serving as means to a controlled environment and will not tolerate anyone displaying otherwise below our standards that we have clarified previously. Any behaviours deemed inappropriate will be addressed in private and dealt with accordingly.


If you wish to chat more about the linkshell or have any input or voluntary incentives to help out please do not hestitate to make contact either here or in-game. There are no pre-requisites other than to confirm that you have read and fully understood the guidelines given to be apart of the Pearl Lane linkshell.


Thanks for reading and we look forward to making our vision a reality!


Contact: Kiara Sunpaw

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I'm curious though what you mean by a "controlled setting"?


For lack of better wording I simply mean that by having the linkshell it is helpful by having role players you can become familiar with inside the linkshell making it somewhat safer rather than just random RP.


Sure people can role play in the area at their own free will without joining but this is really just to create a small network for the theme/setting where people can feel comfortable in and able to connect with others about the Lane.

The controlled part was just referring to that we will strive to keep players happy and safe within the LS by the same means as one would usually in a Free Company.


I hope that clears it up!

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Sure, okay!  As long as its not trying to impose some view of the Lane on other players, then I'm all for it, and I happen to have an LS slot open so I'd be happy to join! :)


Oh definitely not! I do apologise for my poor wordings.


All it means is that by being apart of the linkshell we create this community that is safely controlled in exactly the same way as one would guide members in a Free Company.


I'd never impose on anyones roleplay or the lore just to make that clear!

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Pearl Lane was one of Chou's old haunts during her time with her gang.


While she's long abandoned her gang-banging days, old habits do die hard. If I'm not otherwise occupied, she'll likely be found wandering Pearl Lane with nobler intentions in mind.

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