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Making my first RP character

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I'm trying to create a good backstory and I can use some advice, here is my character:




"I come from a small village, so far on the edge of the middle of nowhere I'm sure the Empire don't even know we're here. I had a best friend that was always up for adventure and usually dragged me with him. One day, said friend goes out into the world and since then has sent letter after letter about his adventures. I admit, I got a little jealous, so much so that I too wanted to set out into the wild world. My dad taught me how to shoot a bow, but mostly for food, hell the most dangerous thing I shot was a wild bear, and that's after my friend punched it nearly to death, so I was a little nervous at this time, on this adventure, I will not be able to depend on him. Guess we all gotta grow up sometime. So I took my bow, some pocket change and headed for Gridania, hoping that one day in the far future, I can tell just as epic stories as I been reading. Oh, the red streaks in my hair...well said friend saw himself a budding alchemist, he had an idea for a new shampoo, one thing led to another and well, this happened...can't wash it out or even dye it, the doctor said other than that it has no other side effects, but he's wrong, it reminds me to have keep my sense of adventure alive."



So that's the best I got up to this point, any advice or help will be greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance.

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