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New Small FC company looking for an RP LS

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Me and a buddy started a free company today, and we decided that we wanted to keep it relatively small, as in we are fine with a few more people joining but we want to keep the numbers below 10, and we'd be just as well staying with just the two of us.  I've been in larger RP free companies/guilds for as long as I've played MMOs and I am a little worried about finding RP with such a small FC. 

So to my point, I've seen a lot of smaller FCs kicking around and I was wondering if there were any role-play linkshells that were specifically for smaller RP free companies, like an alliance so that smaller FCs can keep their unique identities and not get left out of the larger community that comes with larger FCs.  I checked the linkshell hall and TBH I couldn't tell what was a FC and what was a linkshell.  


Im thinking like a neutral hub that doesn't really have a specific Role-play identity itself, but is a place where smaller more specific RP FCs can interact IC over the linkshell.  Im sure it already exists, but any who...


Im on Balmung, if anyone can point me in the direction of a good one or maybe want to get something like his started let me know.  Thanks.

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