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New to FFXIV

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Hi everyone. Trying my 3rd MMO here. I played LotRO for several years (my first MMO), but grew tired of increasing server problems. I then tried SWToR for a bit, but the content was just too easy and the RP I found lacking (compared to LotRO's).

So now I'm trying my 3rd MMO. I've played quite a few of the Final Fantasy RPGs. My favorites being FF3 (SNES) and FF7 (PS1).


I was doing some reading and realized I wanted to get onto the servers of Balmung or Gilgamesh. I'm still using the free trial, so is there a server thats known for being pretty friendly other than those two that I can try out for a bit and then transfer to Balmung if I decide I want to play this game further?


Also, I'll be stepping outside my comfort zone here. I normally play melee tank/fighter classes. However, I believe for my time here (especially since you can eventually multiclass) I'll go ranged healer class.


So now I'm debating between Conjurer/White Mage or Arcanist/Scholar. I'm leaning towards conjurer/white mage since my character so far keeps shaping up to have the same theme even though I've re rolled several times (usually takes me a bit to get an exact look/name/theme just right. He's a Hyur, Highlander, and his deity is Nophica, The Matron. I'm thinking Conjurer would go better with a Highlander as the Midlanders it said are the more "book smart" of the two clans, and Conjurer's have a greater affinity to nature, hence choosing Nophica as his deity.


Any suggestions would be awesome! Looking forward to chatting and eventually RPing with everyone.

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Hey, welcome! Hope you enjoy FFXIV! :D

Sounds like you've got a solid concept, and being able to multiclass if you get bored is a fantastic little extra.


I'm a little biased toward SCH healing because it's my first class and I absolutely love it to pieces, but really both CNJ/WHM and ARC/SCH are a lot of fun. Healing in general is surprisingly fun in this game.


I played on Siren briefly before transferring to Balmung. I hear it's got a small RP contingent. Jenova, too. A great place to check are the FC and Linkshell halls for groups on other servers and see if one strikes your fancy.

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