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New to Balmung (and FFXIV)!

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New transplant to FFXIV and to Balmung here. Fairly familiar with roleplaying in general, and rather captivated by how involved everyone is in the community here. 


Right now, I'm rolling around a few thoughts about my character as I get acquainted with the game/the server, but for now, I figured I'd at least introduce myself. 


In-game, if you happen to see a (currently) mis-matched Miqo'te running around by the name of L'rhiki Tyaka, be sure to say hello. I look forward to getting the chance to strike up a conversation sometime soon!

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Hello and welcome to Balmung! 


I would still say I am still new and at the moment letting RP flesh my character out a little bit more. So if you see Ehfi Rhinsu running around, you can drop a hello and get a hello back- cause sometimes I don't notice people. (Gotten OOC /pets from my running around)


Also, if you ever find yourself RPing with Pathfinders , Ehfi has taken a job being a healer there so either healing out in the field or healing in the infirmary.

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