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(Balmung) New to FF14's RP community

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Like the title says, I'm new to the RP community here.  Have had some experience in other MMOs when it comes to RP (GW2, TERA, WoW), but am a bit lost as to where I should start in this game.  Been hanging around the Quicksand but haven't been able to get anything going.


So, any tips/tricks, or whatnot?

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I'm rather new-ish to Balmung myself but instead of hanging around the Quicksand, I decided to just poke Guild Officers in guilds I was interested in and got into a lot of RP that way. I've never even RPed in the Quicksand. :)


Might be helpful to mention in which timezone you are. There's people from all over the world on Balmung.

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Let us know about your character! I've found some amazing people through this forum. If you put up some info on your character, it lets people start to formulate ideas on how their character(s) could meet yours and interact, and there's a good chance of them either contacting you in-game or giving you a name of their character with which to contact them.


That said, welcome to the game! Feel free to message me sometime is you'd like :) I spend most of my time on Cam'nahl Zarasten, my shy miqo'te scholar and healer. If not him, I'm likely on one of the other two mentioned in my signature.

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Well, my character's name is Hope Evans, Male Miqo'te (formerly female highlander, but I changed for RP/Story purposes once I finished ARR's MSQ).  Formerly a Warrior and Crystal Brave, s/he changed his entire being to avoid all of the problems associated with the fallout of the ending events.  Now he's a simple mechanist working out of Ishgard, but deeply yearns for the adventure, the pride, and the glory of overcoming the enemy that seeks to destroy the land he loves.  So, as one could see, he's got a lot of issues tucked away about turning away from what he wants to be, versus what he should be to continue living normally.  Gonna see where it goes, but I'll likely be changing to a Dark Knight, as it feeds that inner turmoil to keep it at bay (plus, tanking is the best).


So I'm just wondering where I should start, here.  I figured I'd go to the Quicksand, as it's generally full of people, but have been having a VERY hard time breaking in to conversation (shy with strangers, and all that, but once I get going, I'm good).  Wondering if there's a better, more beginner-friendly RP area (like, and kill me for saying this, Goldshire is in WoW).  Hotspots, people I should meet, a FC I can wiggle my way into, and all that jazz. 


I've got a solid idea of what I want this character to be, but I'm just lacking the connections and means of playing the role, and I feel like a fish out of water trying, as I'm still unfamiliar with the methodology of RP in this community.


Anyway, thanks!

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Hmmmm!! I think I saw you today, or must have seen you recently.


Welcome to Balmung! The Quicksand can be a very intimidating experience, but there's actually a lot of people standing around and waiting to get a /tell or a walk-up, so if you see someone is not talking to another person closeby, chances are you can talk easily.


That said, easier RP areas, hmm change depending on the city. Ul'dah has the market which I've seen some RPing as well as the Flames Grand Company. Old Gridania is a bit lonesome but there are other RPers usually around its main Aetheryte and the pub. Limsa Lominsa has a lot of people in the market and the pub as well.


You can try going to the scheduled events! It's even easier to meet with other like-minded RPers and gives everyone already a theme or reason to go there and start talking.


Feel free to send me a PM or a /tell at Arzilia Rausten and we can also chat something up! :D She's from Ishgard so I'm sure she'd like to know someone who's been lingering around there.

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Hi, I'm new to Balmung as the post suggests xD....I'm just looking for some friends to RP and maybe level with. So not am I only new to Balmung but to FF14 in general! So I am a male miqo'te, level 24 BLM. I hope to get replies! Or just PM me in-game (Nadoril Asada).

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So I recently answered a similar question for another individual over >Here< The examples still apply in whether you're new, returning, or a light Rp'er the issue is contacts and connections. Hopefully this post will assist all of you in your search.

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