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New to Jenova

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Howdy yall!


Super jazzed to finally get into Final Fantasy Realm Reborn (May be getting expansion later on). I am not new to forum-based rp..but I am new to mmo rp. Currently on Jenova given that the other two rp servers are super full. Any tips or hints for a newbie are greatly appreciated!

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Hello fellow newbie! \o/


I'm no stranger to RP of either kind but I've never RPed on FFXIV before. I've always wanted to; WoW has always been my RPing grounds but I've always thought FFXIV looked so much better!


My characters are currently on Jenova too but I'm hoping to get a transfer to Balmung once I have the money. My characters are all brand new and low level at the moment, but if you want to RP regardless just drop me a PM! ^_^

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