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Hello everyone! I'm a relative newcomer to FFXIV, I decided to try the game out after hearing stories about the vibrant nature of the RP community here, particularily on the Balmung server. I'm currently playing on Balmung with a Miqote Black Mage by the name of Nya'hlaya Moesembele and have already been pleasantly surprised to see people openly engaging in IC conversation in various world hubs. So far I've only been able to engage in rather limited RP but I am hoping to find opportunities for some very heavy and serious sort of RP rather than more light and social stuff, though the latter is certainly fun at times too. 


Overall still rather finding my footing around here, but hoping to find some interesting interactions as I stumble around the server like a complete newbie.

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Hello fellow newbie! \o/


I'm sooo incredibly jealous of everyone who's made it onto Balmung. I stayed up for about 2 days waiting to see if the server would open up and let me make a character but it was completely hopeless. x) I've stuck my characters on Jenova because I heard that has a little RP going on, although I'm planning on transferring once I have the money for it.


Hope to see you around once I get there! :D

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