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hihi o/


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I have been playing FFXIV for a little over a year now, so some of you may have seen my character, Ni Na, around. I have only been RP-ing a few months now but I enjoy it immensely! I am also a long-time lurker of the Coalition and thought I should finally make an account and introduce myself to my fellows.


I've played a few MMORPGs, the most prominent would be WoW, GW2, WildStar and Mabinogi.


I haven't RP'd anywhere before but have always been interested. I do aim to be a medium to heavy roleplayer and am trying out being available for walk-ups.


My character is not combat/magic orientated, however she does have the ability to use healing magic but not frequently or without cost. Feel free to ask for more details!


 Always looking to make more friends, so let's get to know each other! I study fulltime and am currently on holidays so I'll be around quite a lot for the next month. I don't mind talking about real life stuff as well as game/RP stuff, but don't mind if you rather not.


Anyway, thanks for reading all this :thumbsup:


Safe journey!



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Hello there! \o/


I've been playing FFXIV for a little while, I started about a year ago, got a few chars to lvl 50 then took a break. I wish I'd known about this RP community back then, I've been looking for a place to go RP that isn't WoW for ages now! I'm glad it's here, because FFXIV looks so much better than WoW. :D


I'm not on Balmung yet, although I'm hoping to get a cheeky character transfer in soon, once I have the money and once all my new chars are 3 days old. Figured I'd get my money's worth and make a bunch of them to ship over instead of just one!


Hope to see you around Balmung once I get there!

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