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A number of haphazardly posted flyers begin to appear on advertisement boards throughout pubs, taverns and market places in Eorzea…








…Close to this flyer is seen yet another, more meticulously pinned up flyer








[align=center]- OOC Information -


What is Axiom?

Axiom [AX-RP] is a roleplay-oriented free company and linkshell community designed around simply enjoying Final Fantasy XIV's rich lore, environments, and the roleplay it creates, placing its focus on fostering a relaxed and inclusive environment for Role Players both new and old.  



What is the Premise / Setting for Axiom?

[align=left]Axiom is quite simply a Free Company of adventurers who wish to explore Eorzea! Nothing more and nothing less.  We chose this premise so that any who wished to join our FC wouldn’t feel the need to try to find a way to make their character ‘fit’ into Axiom.  It is our hope that over time and through the influence of all players who join us, that Axiom will grow and evolve, changing with the characters who become a part of story of Axiom.


While we most enjoy getting out into the world to roleplay through in-character dungeon runs and general exploration of non-instanced environments, we also recognize that group roleplay is best fostered through having a central gathering location.  As such, we created the concept of The Mog & Mug Boarding House, which serves as the headquarters for Axiom and the ‘spirit’ of our Free Company Estate.[/align]



How will Axiom be run?

At Axiom, we believe that what you get out of the Free Company is what you first put into the Free Company to begin with. As such, major Free Company changes and aspects of its day-to day goings on are discussed and voted on by the Free Company as a whole so that everyone has their voice heard equally.  


Again, we believe in the Free Company evolving with the members, not forcing our members to evolve with the Free Company.


While Axiom does have a Management team,we believe that as Management, these individuals are simply the custodians of the Free Company.   However, the Free Company does not belong to these individuals, but rather the Free Company belongs to each and every person in it, for they are –all- responsible for its welfare and they all play a big part in making it what it is.



Will Axiom host any events?

We are currently planning a number of reoccurring events to involve our members, each of which we are very excited about! Some of these events may include:


  • Axiom Dungeon Siege! (RP dungeon runs)
  • Tales by the Campfire (storytelling by the campfire)
  • X-Marks the …Spot? (IC treasure hunting and orienteering races)
  • As well as an RP Tavern Roulette, inspired by the Duty Finder Dungeon Roulette, designed to help our members find and explore all of the fun RP spots around Eorzea.  We eventually hope to include a number of player run taverns in this tool in the future!




How do I join Axiom?


You can learn more or apply to Axiom at http://axiom-rp.enjin.com.  For further questions in game, please feel free to contact one of the members of our Management team:

  • Kleio Dorne
  • Zelda Ironheart
  • Leofric Valkarst
  • Toola Roola


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[align=center]-OOC – [/align]


As the above poster indicates, Axiom will be hosting an OpenHouse event tonight, starting at 7:00 PM EST (GMT-5) at our Free Company Estate (found at Plot 39,Sub ward 12, Lavender Beds, Lavender Southwest Subdivision, Gridania).  Whether or not you are looking for a Roleplay Oriented Free Company to join, just want to RP, or would like to take a look at our cozy Company Estate layout, we welcome you to join us!




We look forward to meeting any friends who drop by, be it new orold, and look forward to becoming part of the larger Balmung FFXIV RP community.

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