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Tavern Roulette / Directory (RP Tools)

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Hello fellow RPers! I'm N'ihlus Tia, member of Axiom Free Company. We've only just recently launched but leading up to our grand opening, there has been a lot of work coming up with ways to carry out events and facilitate RP.


One such method is our brand new TAVERN ROULETTE, the first in our line of Axiom RP Tools. The idea is that in the vein of the Duty Finder's Dungeon Roulette, the Tavern Roulette looks through a database of pubs and eateries, then gives you a random RP spot on demand. Additionally, it can list all or some establishments based on a given filter criteria, and so can also act as a sort of Tavern Directory.


The intent was to always open up the tool to the community at large as we feel there's some real value in it for others. Even if you don't use the roulette function, merely having a list of places to RP sitting down and sharing a drink with others could be useful.


And this is where you all come in. As you might have gathered from the tool, we would like to include Player Housing as well as the established open world places found in the cities and settlements. Currently, we only have the Axiom owned Mog & Mug Boarding House listed. We would like to include many more player-run locations, however, so if you have a publicly open FC house with a bar or even just provide a place that people can sit, relax, and have a pint together, let us know below and we'll add it to the roulette!


Additionally, if I've missed any of the NPC taverns in game or even missed their proper name, let me know and I'll get that corrected. Or if you have suggestions as to how this or any of our other tools can be improved, let us know.


Tavern Roulette: http://axiom-rp.enjin.com/tavernroulette'>http://axiom-rp.enjin.com/tavernroulette

Axiom: http://axiom-rp.enjin.com

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