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Nytesong Sanctuary

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Welcome to Nytesong Sanctuary.


So, we caught your eye?

How wonderful.

If you're looking for a family or a home for your characters that has no true leaning towards alignment, who wants to have fun OOC and just enjoy the game that we are here to play? Then you've come to the right place.



What we offer your Character


What don't we offer? We're a Heavy RP Free Company. We are mature themed, which means that those elements that are generally frowned upon in your general RP Free Companies are a little more welcome with us. 


We want to be able to give each person a taste of what they desire from their character. Bringing a diverse range of RP plot lines and events, we are more than happy to help other players to progress their stories and to help Nytesong Sanctuary reach the full potential we all know its capable of, as a family. 



What we offer the Community


Oh I know. 

Yet another Tavern attached to a Free Company.

Yet another Mercenary themed one, too!

Why is this one different?

We aim to be special. Not different. Everyone is special in their own ways.

What we offer the community is a safe place. A sanctuary away from the cold, where those with grey or sometimes black alliances can find themselves with a roof over their head, and without fear of repercussions. We offer you mercenary plots! Tavern nights, and a warm place to call your home both IC and OOC if you so wish it.

Why us


Why us? Why not us? As stated above, we are a family. We aim to cater to the darker, more mature and sometimes untested waters of RP. There will be fun and happy times, and there will be crime. Murder. Death. Intrigue. I can guarantee you that if you want something to happen? It may well happen with us.


We strive to be a strong, friendly, warm and welcoming company that brings people together. We all play this game for a reason. What you will find with Nytesong Sanctuary is a Company with good foundations, with good members who all want to help each other further their RP, and enjoy the game we all pay good money for!



Structure: Heavy Roleplay / PvE Friendly

Timezone: Americas

Races: All

Alignment: No steady alignment, though being a sanctuary? Those with true good intentions may struggle to fit in.

Type: Tavern / Sanctuary / Mercenary

Age: 18+ 

Recruitment Status: Accepting Applications

Guild Leader: Aurora Jhin

Officers: X'laqa Tia, Amasar Malaguld, Evelynn Macarly, Gardane Whiterose

Website: Nytesong Sanctuary[/align]

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