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Arcadeus (AR-RP)

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[align=center]History hidden...

Society shrouded in secrets...

Ancient artifacts adrift...

Will they fall into the hands of defenders, or devils?[/align]


Long have the Bibliothecs of Sharlayan hoarded knowledge and powerful artifacts in equal measure; seeking both to consolidate their position within the isolationist society and to keep them from the clutches of those who might abuse them - or perhaps so they might do so, themselves. Whatever their intentions, it was only inevitable that some men and women would eventually visit the ruins of the city-state of scholars in search of items left behind during their exodus.


And when they did, there would be those ready to reclaim them. They are called many things - adventurers, treasure hunters, thrill-seekers, pirates... thieves - but they come together in singular purpose for the greater good: to keep the power of Sharlayan out of the hands of those who would use it against Eorzea.



Arcadeus is a meduim-heavy roleplay-oriented FC located in Mist (Ward 7, Plot 5) that strives to offer a compelling narrative for players to both take part in and to develop their characters further within; while maintaining a comfortable, casual atmosphere for all other aspects of the game.


We want to be more than just a collection of benefits - we want to be a home; a family where every member brings something to create a cohesive whole that adds to our experience with the game. On top of that, we also want to provide everyone in our Free Company opportunities to take part in a tale of adventure driven by the ever-expanding lore of the game-world and the creative minds of our storytellers.


If this sounds like the kind of place you're looking for, then we invite you to delve deeper and see if you fit us; and if we fit you! So please, pay us a visit at our website.

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We are not accepting new applicants at this time.


If you would like to get in contact with us for any reason (networking, collaborative events, etc), feel free to contact me (Miah Gamduhla) in-game or through this website and I will do my best to reply and do what I can. If I'm not around here or in-game, go ahead and poke one of us who are online and they should be able to direct you to another member of leadership.


Have fun in Eorzea!

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Our applications are open!



If you like what you've seen and read about us, and think that we'll make a good fit you, please apply!


And as always, we're pretty much always open for RPing with other FCs, LSs, or other RPers in the community. =)


Have fun in Eorzea!

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