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Rex's Art: Character Bust/Icon Commission slots open!

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Hey folks! Feels a bit cheeky for one of my first posts on the forum to be an art thread- but as I've just started on FF14 I've got a big itch to draw some more characters from within the universe, and I've got 10 slots open this month


My prices are all listed in this post here, please do check it out for some examples of my previous work in my trashy terrible fandoms and also WoW and SW:TOR!


But for quick reference- I'd ideally like to be taking commissions for sketches at $6 and lineart at $10, with options to add colour or shading for a extra $5 each. I'd be happy to work out a deal as well if you'd like a matching pair for you and your bondmate!


If you're interested or would like to discuss an idea or get a quote, please email me at scribblescruff at gmail dot com with any references or screenshots you've got to hand! I'll try and get a nice quick turn around. I accept payment through Paypal and I won't ask for any payment until you have confirmed you are happy with the work in progress rough sketch. 



Here's the current list! I'll update it as it fills out.


  1. Off-forum commissioner
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