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A background for Jaydhe

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Hello peoples! I've been working on a background for my character Jaydhe who is a Xaela Au Ra. She is fascinated by magic and has numerous abilities though she's not had much in the way of formal training. She is from a family of master horse trainers and has a high affinity for understanding and getting the best out of any horse with which she works. She's extremely protective of animals, horses in particular (naturally!)


I do have plans for her to bump into some folks that should work well with the magic aspect but wanted to define her background in more depth. That said, I tend to create histories that are wrought with peril and terror. (probably not so different from many of you! :lol:) Because I'm fairly new to FFXIV lore (I have been reading! Promise!) this is where I need your help and input. Feel free to help me expand on this and maybe it might even involve your own characters to some extent (for better or worse!)


Some thoughts I have are the following possibilities:


  • Her family tribe was small but well known for their horse training and breeding. At some point they were captured and forced into service by another tribe and she was born into this environment. 
  • Her family tribe was annihilated by warring tribes and she was among the captured survivors. Being young (around 16/17 at the time) and pretty she found herself in some unpleasant circumstances
  • Captured by Garleans? (I'm very fuzzy on where this one might lead)

In trying to determine how she ended up in Eorzea, I had a few ideas there


  • She ended up on a pirate ship somehow and they, in turn, were attacked by the Maelstrom. She ends up in Limsa Lominsa.
  • She doesn't remember how she got to Eorzea. This one leaves me wide open with fill in the blanks.
  • The group she's with gets attacked by the Garleans and she finds herself freed from captivity and smack in the middle of a large group of fleeing refugees.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thanks in advance.


Jaydhe Tokar

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