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Artifice of Reason «AoRRP»

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"As we have seen time and time again, there will always be many blinded by greed and short lived goals. Why focus on gaining coin, and use the excess on useless trinkets, on drinks that gives but a breathe of relief, on but a moment of physical pleasure that will long be forgotten in less than a sun? We have tools, have talents, have knowledge available that can make us better, make us stronger. We can alter and empower ourselves, not with just the tomes and aetherial manipulations we find. We can use it to improve our physical form, improve what we are, build upon the template we were born with and become greater..."

[align=right]-Ravusa Evomere



[align=center]Artifice of Reason[/align]



For those adventurers, wielders of aether, thieves, pirates, and other unfulfilled walkers of the land of erozea, we would like to introduce ourselves to you. An organization focused on taking a more twisted view on what one could do with access to the types of power available. Headed by a thaumaturge enraged by the Sultana's tainting of the guild, we aim to gather all forms of "power'" we can. From Magitek to the cursed magic that tainted Sil'dih, we want it all. We want to take it, break it down, improve it, alter it, and even embed it into our own flesh to enhance our lives, and stop being trapped by the physical limitation it once brought us.


[align=center]Diverse RP Events[/align]


As the only way to gather certain relics and objects is by less than perhaps the most legal means, that means the events will be quite diverse and open. One trip may be to an site with allagan relics to "recover", another perhaps leaping from one of our airships onto another, "liberating" the artifacts from unworthy hands, to even sneaking past guards in mansion, taking tomes to be copied to increase our wealth of knowledge. That does not mean all of our actions are for the less than pure. We have business meetings, discussing politics and sharing information, going to dinner parties, expanding and building our network. Doing favors, helping those who perhaps are in need... Not to mention doing the experiments and the surgeries that need to happen.


[align=center]The Estate[/align]


The Aetherial Institute is located at plot 13 of the Goblet's 7th ward. If you would like to discuss business or see how being involved with our organization can benefit you or your company, feel free to visit. We would be happy to have you!


[align=center]RP Combat System[/align]


One of our members was a professional game designer. With the time they had, they crafted for us a one of a kind system that allows our members to make unique character spreadsheets for memorable IC encounters. Though that does not mean every encounter must use it, and everyone has the power to voice an opinion on how it could improve or change!




No worries if you do not want to just use our system, we do non CS events and RP as well. It all depends on what the crew wants to do!


[align=center]End Game[/align]


We are all lovers of the game, enjoying it while we role play. If you wish to do endgame content you won't have to do it alone. We always have people wanting to run an expert, hit up the next raids, and even do some of the more "causal" end game.


[align=center]Discord Server[/align]


We set up a Discord for all of our members to chat, even while playing other games, or being away from the computer. We like being a close group and would welcome more to be a part of it. This does not mean our FC chat will suffer for it! We do our best to make sure things are rarely quiet and boring!


[align=center]We're also a new company and would welcome the voice of others to help shape us to the best we can be! We would also like to thank you for spending the time to read all this, and we hope to meet you soon if interested![/align]

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I am coming back from a loooong hiatus, and am looking for an RP FC again. RP really adds an element to the game that I find irreplaceable, so if you don't mind having someone who's a bit rusty with FFXIV, I'd love to check you guys out!


Ninja edit: Here is my RP Wiki for my character. It's a rough idea of who he is when you first meet him. I've yet to go in after developing him in a different RP FC from long ago.


No worries there! I came in being a lore newbie and am having a blast. :)

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