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Roaming Roleplayers - <R-RP>

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[align=center]Roaming Roleplayers[/align]






[align=center]As this is no 'official' RP FC I will start this off with some general greetings.[/align]

[align=center]Hello, there. Nice to meet you![/align]



[align=center]Moving on![/align]



Roaming Roleplayers was created from a concept seen several times before in other MMO's wherein the FC itself isn't for roleplayer purposes, more of a social hub where roleplayers can join and leave as they please on their mains, alts, whatever.



The idea being that you can put yourself out there as a roleplayer and be in a guild of other roleplayers but without the commitments required by other RP FC's. With this I mean RP FC's host their events and require its members to show up and play along with the story, which is of course perfectly fine, but not everyone has the time available to commit to these events and some FC's find this unacceptable.



Essentially, we offer you the RP tag beside your name and a social hub you can talk away as you please or keep to yourself, it's entirely up to you.






We're currently working on putting a house together which is welcome to be used for RP. The theme behind the FC house would be that of an inn. Travelers who find themselves in need of a place to rest their heads for the night or just a place to get out of the weather. 



The inn theme fits perfectly with this guild as it is the sort of place that is open to anyone and everyone, even those outside of the FC would be welcome to drop by as social events has been discussed within the FC.






Naturally, with all FC's, there are rules.



Just your standard rules such as no harassing other members, no public ERP and so on. It's all common sense, really.



This FC will always be open to anyone and members may come and go as they please.



So, if you've made it this far without leaving then thank you for your time!

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Just a quick update on the house!


We made our house, it's up and running for the most part. As mentioned, the theme of this house is an inn and the upper floor holds as a reception whilst the basement is a general seating area and bar.


There is still more to come, of course! The private rooms are going to be a mix of members personal rooms as well as additional rooms for the inn itself such as a spa, medical room, general guest rooms for both RP'ers who are not part of the FC and those who are.


Take a quick look!












There has been a good response to the FC concept and a good increase in members!


Thank you once more for your time. ^^

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