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Moulin Rouge - Seeking talent of many varieties!

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[align=center]Everyone has a story to tell…[/align]


Are you the knight loyal to his nation and his liege lord? Are you the scholar lost within her tomes and research? How about the magister with taint coercing you to exact vengeance on your worst enemies? Or mayhap you are the priest desperately seeking faith and freedom from persecution. Yet, you could also be the bard with the song within his heart.


Mayhap you are one of these roles, or mayhap you hold the potential to be them all. You can never truly know the answer without seeking it out for yourself.


Step upon the stage of the Moulin Rouge, a charitable and non-profit organization consisting of artists and performers of variety. Find your passion and the freedom to discover the multifaceted jewel that you are. Be one role. Be many.


In our world of social, political, and religious reformation, the Moulin Rouge seeks to educate, enlighten, and brighten both the mind and the heart through performance and other diplomatic and charitable works.


In the present, we are small and few, but there is strength and unity in numbers. With our plays, musical numbers, comedies, poetry, and the unique spirit of our members, we believe our messages of intrigue and tales of old will ring out across Eorzea.


Fear not, loyal listener! It is not that we seek to bring a new age of revolution and change. It is that we wish to spread knowledge and joy in a world where sometimes even the light seems bleak.


Join us and spread your message. Join us and share your story. Join us and discover yourself.




[ Moulin Rouge (aka TART) is recruiting new members! Please see the following and note that none of the positions actually require any kind of prior experience, but it’d likely be a boon if you have some!


♦ Actors / Actresses / Performers

♦ Stagehands

♦ Costume Designers

♦ Security

♦ Public Relations / Networking

♦ Other Various Fields (i.e., Writing Assistants, etc.)


Performing positions require an audition, so bring your best creativity and your own material.


Moulin Rouge’s current performing venue is located in the Lavender Beds - Ward 3; Plot 31 (by the Lavender South Subdivision aetheryte). Feel free to come on by and take a look, though don’t mind us as we are currently in the process of potential redecorating.


If interested, or you’d like to know more, seek out the esoteric Trisselle Ganathain or the most-recently broody Devereau Beauregard. We don’t bite! (Well, I don’t. I can’t speak for him.) ]

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While I cannot offer my assistance, I am here to say that I am very happy that an RP group purchased that housing plot. Astrid's house used to be there, and I felt really bad that I just let it go to market as opposed to offering it up here on RPC first.


I hope you guys get way more use out of it than I did. xD I wish you happy RPing. :)

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Been in a rut with my character, so this could very well be exactly what she needs.


My only question is, would you allow people in other FCs to join in? I'm currently torn between leaving mine and joining another.


I do not see why not! Understandably, most FCs can be a commitment, and leaving can often be a bit tricky and complex. While we are just kind of starting to get the ball rolling and would welcome more amongst the ranks, other people are welcome to come and audition or contribute! So long as you are willing to invest the time, we'd love to have you a part of things in one way or another!

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