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Heartsong Sanctuary


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[align=center]Thank you for your interest in Heartsong Sanctuary! [/align]


Are you a wanderer without a home? New to Eorzea? A refugee of the Calamity or the wars against the Garleans? Do you need to make a fresh start because of your past?

The Heartsong sanctuary offers a haven of stability while you seek to rebuild your life. We are a home for the homeless, and a shield against the harsh realities of living in Eorzea.


Do you want to assist those in need? Do you feel compelled to help those less fortunate?

The sanctuary is always looking for those who are willing to help out another, and offer their skills and knowledge to improving the plight of the downtrodden, whether that's with handing out food and clothing, offering medical attention, cooking them a warm meal, or protecting them in the camps.


History of the Sanctuary -


The free company that owns the sanctuary was started by Takejiro No Ritsuko and Kulain'ghoa of the Qalli. The two Auri women had known each for a few moons of the cycle, and had both been members of the same two previous Free Companies. It was because of these troubles, they decided that having their own company that they could build themselves seemed like the best idea.


Rits and Kulain began Heartsong Sanctuary very modestly; neither of them had very much gil saved up but they were determined to give others an opportunity that they did not have. They set about soliciting donations from the Eorzean community, and seeking long term benefactors for their enterprise. By sheer force of will, their free company had earned the reputation to be able to buy property just as the ribbon cutting ceremony was about to occur on several new wards in the residential districts.


Since acquiring the small in the Lavender Beds, all of the members set to work on improving the property and getting it ready to accept those in need.


Out of Character Information -


Heartsong Sanctuary is a Medium RP lore abiding Free Company. We deal in mature content for our plots and events, and because of this, we require our members to be eighteen years of age or older. We are a fun, drama free FC with approachable officers who believe in open, honest OOC communication with our members and being transparent in our decisions.


Please visit our site to read all of our rules and policies




Our active periods are: 1pm to 5pm EST, and again from 8pm to 2am EST


Who should apply?


Example of Acceptable Characters: Refugee or homeless of any race; Au Ra, Ala Mhigan or those hit hard by the Calamity; healer, soldier and craft types; reformed criminals or former prisoners; Any character that wants to help out a home for the less fortunate.


Example of Unacceptable Characters: Garlean or Imperial loyal; active criminals or spies; characters with histories or backgrounds that include elements outside of FFXIV,  anything voidsent related.

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