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Hearth Haven [HH-RP]


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Hearth Haven, a gathering of like minded individuals from the most diverse backgrounds that Eorzea has to offer. Adventurers, craftsmen, medics, and even those who just want to make a tiny difference in the world have come together under one banner to fight not just the obvious war in front, but to support those that fight it.

Hearth Haven is a lodge in the Lavender bed’s housing district that is devised to help the needy. The sick and injured can go there to find the aid they need and support as they try to get recover. Those that are perhaps on the run can go there for sanctuary, until they know what path they want to tread. Even the lonely adventurer might need a helping blade to tide him over in his quest, at Hearth Haven he can find that blade and many more.


Haven Lodge is built upon the old Gathering Hall of the once prestigious Black Diablo’s Hunting Company. When the member’s of the company dwindled and after many blows the hunters were forced into submission. Not only the company but the very building itself drifting down into a state of disrepair. 

It was at this time that a like minded Free Company that had recently appeared on the public map known as The Order of the Stormguard faced a similar situation. This gathering of ancient treasure hunters and their relics became targets of less favourable parties. Having suffered a few too many strikes to their spirit, the future was beginning to look dark. 

The Black Diablos’ leading council then approached Stormguard with a proposition. What had started as an idea at a social gathering went on to change the futures for both companies. Bringing them both to where they stand today. The Black Diablos, and The Order of the Stormguard ceased operation individually and are now united under the banner of Hearth Haven. 

[align=center]Seeking help from Haven?.[/align]


200x254http://hearthhaven.co.uk/images/Gallery/Itm_paper.png[/img]The member’s of Hearth Haven are always open to helping those that may not even be associated with itself. In a time where Hydaelyn is plagued with war, Primal threats and even the shadow’s themselves seem to crawl with malice each time you turn your back. It is often the quiet voices that go missed, the refugee’s of war, the newbie adventurers and even the old veterans that are looking to slow down a little can find aid from Hearth Haven. 

Any member of Hearth Haven can be approached by someone that needs help on a small scale. Though for the larger requests, you can contact any of the following. 

  • Zorai Naccal - Explorer Caste Leader
  • N’shiki Talien/(Izrikairin Rish) - Artisan Caste Leader
  • T’rau Durnba/Cybrielle Durnba - Pathfinder Caste Leader

  • Camille Everardi - Overseer
  • Azranhar Stormchaser - Overseer

Anyone is welcome at Hearth Haven Lodge located in the Lavender Bed’s (Ward 3, Plot 6) and can join in the community, if no one is about at the time then the staff of the lodge are able to adhere to any request! 






OOC: I will put this up here and now, our activity is low due to a combination of RL, disintrest in the game itself and a few other reason. However, most of us would love to see our activity go back up to its levels earlier this year and thus I'm trying to help revitilze our little group. Rp might be slow yes, but we do have two dedicated Rp nights on Wednesday and Saturday to get coversations and possible larger Rp going.



What this means to anyone who is joining is that you MUST be willing to create events yourself and don't be disapointed if there is a bit of a low turn out, that will happen until we grow some more. With some luck we can grow a strong base once again and all will be happy.


Also, you can feel free to message me as well and I can help as I can, either here or in the game as Zazanther Rerenther.

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