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Siben's doodles

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Cool stuff, Siben, I'm looking forward to see more :)


Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I saw 'Dresden' on the page, and immediately thought it involved a certain novel series that I really like. Plus the comic context...mildly applied? If you haven't heard of it, Dresden Files.


Don't mind me, I'm going to go wander into my corner now. xD


And hehe, Iroh and me have talked about this too... For the longest time, when he talked about it, I would always thing it had something to do with the city Dresden (in Germany) <.<

I'm planning to read the books too though, once I'm done with my paper.

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Yeah I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm sorry. I don't keep up with a lot of new books.


I chose the name simply because of the nature of the setting being what it is I wanted to name the city after a place that was quite literally sent to kingdom-come ;P The bombing of Dresden during WW2 seemed like a fitting event.

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Not really FF14 related but since it is one of the deciding factors in my game hopping... my latest doodle.


Your Typical Lumiel Fort Seige


edit: Ew, apparently the forum just cuts off images instead of scaling them?




You are in desperate need of reading The Dresden files. At the VERY least watch the short lived series





Watch it. Now.


And was the series any good Armi? I have most of the books on audio (Read by James Marsters... yes.. he's AMAZING as Dresden, Bob, ALL the characters) but I heard the TV series was so-so.

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My main critique would be to pick a direction for your light to be coming from. Right now you have generic shadows being cast down. Imagine the light is in a specific place and try to shadow from where the light would hit and the shadows would actually fall. On the whole the coloring is good, I think the directional element would help a lot though.


Also, there is no shadow on the hands or neck, which makes them look very flat compared to the rest of the image.

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