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Eternus - A Storytelling Guild

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[align=center]What used to be a rag-tag group of mercenaries have now been made into something more refined, more purposeful. New management have now taken in the band of leaderless Mercs, already aware of their skills as combatants, using and honing their abilities to suit a greater need.[/align]


[align=center]What takes priority now is the unit and keeping it's true nature a secret to others. To passers by, and the people we may meet along the way, we simply work for the charity named The Eternal Lotus Trust, doing our best to gather donations for refugees and others in need. However, behind closed doors and in the shadows, we help them by taking action against those that have caused or allowed people to suffer.[/align]





[align=center]There are countless tales about heroes and villains. Countless stories about Garlean devils and Primal monstrosities, and Voidal machinations… now Draconic wars and pious betrayers join them. Countless songs written about Warriors of Light, about Calamities, about sacrifice, sorrow and pain. For all these works however, etching our day into the annals of history, you will find no mention of people like us. People that silently took their own reigns to make right what were wrongs and tear down the visages of rights that never were. 



[align=center]We’re not revolutionaries. We’re not peacekeepers. We’re not anarchists. We’re the tip of a spear, one that the world needn’t know exists. Whispered about only by those deeply embedded in the same fight as our own. Thought of only by those we fight to give lives back to. We’re not heroes. We are Eternus. The faceless unknown that stand against whatever tides may bring, and breaking whatever ill-will that emboldens them. We have no singular enemy for any who would continue to tear our world apart are our target. Are you prepared to fight the untold of fight?









[align=center]More than just a RP guild, we are a storytelling guild, weaving our member's characters in to a collective storyline. Though not all character's are forced to take part, though being a member of the guild will affect each character in some way, even if that means only hearing something by ear. However, taking part in the storyline is encouraged as it does help the overall progression, and taking part is also fun. [/align]


[align=center]We are an 18+ RP FC which does not tolerate OOC rudeness and drama. If any issues arise we encourage any members involved to speak to an officer or submit a ticket to the website, that way the issue can be resolved quickly. We have a medium house in the Goblet (Ward 9, Plot 49), which had a few IC rules for both the members and non-members. Any non-members who happen to come by the house can't enter the room in the basement or the room behind the counter, as both doors are ICly locked to those who don't possess a specially made Danburite Ring.  [/align]





[align=center]The Danburite Ring[/align]


[align=center]This particular ring may not look like anything more than a piece of costume jewellery to a passer by nor does it stand out. This ring has been purposely designed for the Free company known as Eternus. The ring itself acts as a way of communication between the company members, as within the white stone lies the company linkpearl. Not only that, the ring also allows the current members to recognise each other even if they may not have met before and it is also your key to the house. The ring must always be worn ICly, otherwise your character will not be able to receive any contact from other members. 









[align=center]To join Eternus you must submit an application to our website. Your application will be voted on by all members of the officer, who will then message you on the verdict. The IC section of the application creates a short story for you, based on your answers, which defines how you will be initiated in to the Free Company.[/align]


[align=center]If you wish to find out more you can speak to anyone from the officer team:[/align]




[align=center]Mitsuakai Naeuri - Leader[/align]




[align=center]Suren Angura - Officer[/align]


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