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Dear Adventurers & Scholars,

There is no denying the times we live in are those of turbulence and uncertainty. Beset as we are by foreign invaders and draconic nemeses, but what of the more subtle and subversive antagonists lurking in the dark reaches we believe to be our safe havens? Wilde Jagde is an organization dedicated to tracking, combating and eliminating the creatures of the void that run rampant and unchecked through our lands. Even those not able or willing to directly combat such creatures are still welcome. Help with research and the production of tools and equipment used to battle these abominations is greatly needed. If you are at all interested, feel free to contact Castus or Xenedra Allard, or visit our headquarters in the Mist, Ward 8, Plot 45, by way of the Southeast Subdivision Aetheryte.

Castus Allard


[align=center]OOC INFORMATION[/align]

Wilde Jagd is an medium to hard core rp free company with a focus on rp only. Our members do participate in PvE content, but it's not the focus of the free company. We are active all days of the week, but primarily during NA evenings and into the wee hours of the morning (approx. 8PM - 5AM EST). Our primary event types involve casual hang-outs, investigation, and combat rp, but we also readily welcome event and plotline suggestions from our membership. Our goal is to create an ongoing story and rp-rich environment based on the tastes of our membership and have confidence in our ability to find a niche for most character types.

For more information please feel free to contact Castus Allard or Xenedra Allard in game, or Xenedra by way of discord at Xenedra #3149. Responses to this thread or PMs will be checked infrequently, so please seek us out if you're interested!

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