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The Cost of Magic: Interviews

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So hi. I thought I'd repost this here in "Connections" as this is what I'm looking for right now:


The Cost of Magic: Prologue

“Ever since I was young the subject of magic has always been something near and dear to my heart. It ignited a sense of wonder in me that despite my training for physical combat caused me countless lost hours of sleep delving into any books I could reach on the subject. When I got older and struck out on my own I started to really understand what Magic meant to me. But I also got to see what it meant to others. Over the course of Twelve knows how long I’m going to be focusing on the subject of magic. The benefits and the costs. I’ll be interviewing well known practitioners as well as discussing controversial areas of magic which some might find disturbing. I am writing this preface as a means of getting word out there that I’m looking for you assholes and either I’m going to find you or you’re going to find me. So make it easy on yourselves and find me.

Doctor Kaisin Ozerov.”

So I just want to say that I’m thankful to everyone who reads my blog and takes time out of their day to sift through my grammatical bullshit to see the humor or lessons that Doc may or may not pass on. But there is something I want to try doing now and that is writing a series on magic in FFXIV from an IC perspective from multiple IC sources. So I’m looking for several practitioners of the art who may volunteer to discuss their vision IC either In Game or Via Discord with Doctor Ozerov. You can contact me on here through the Ask system or on the RPC under the name “Ramen”. In Game I can be contacted under Doctor Ozerov or Blake Forester. Just send me a tell! Just a fair warning Doc is very much the kind of man he is in his blog and can be forward with his questions. But I’ll try to keep it within a realm of comfort for anyone upon request.


My blog can be found here: https://doctorozerov.tumblr.com/ where I post IC Articles, journals, ramblings, art, whatever.

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