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A Third Ishgardian Colloquy - August 13 at 5:00 PM EDT

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[align=center](( In an effort to make sure we reach a broader portion of our RP community, I'm copying the original announcement for the Third Ishgardian Colloquy over from Tumblr! ))






[align=center]Distributed alongside the Second Colloquy notes in the Crozier, the Forgotten Knight, and other areas of high traffic:[/align]



[align=center]Children of Ishgard, and her dear friends:

the moons turn, and our city stands

on the threshhold of an unborn age,

full of hope and yet contention;[/align]

[align=center]and so I pray you will heed the calls

for empathy and understanding

and once more join us in discussion

of the form we wish this age to take.[/align]

[align=center]And may it pass that, through examination

of our plaints and disagreements,

our common goals may be unearthed,

for love for country does not divide us.[/align]




(( A date and time for the Third Colloquy has been selected! Please join us Saturday, August 13, at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (2:00 PM PDT) for in-character debate on the political, religious, and social future of Ishgard, open to all who are interested!


In accordance with feedback received, we will once more be using the basement of Lavender Beds, Ward 10, Plot 27 to represent a rented conference room in the Pillars, and the event will be set, in terms of IC timeline, after the Final Steps of Faith but before the full implementation of the reforms shown in the final 3.3 cutscenes. Major spoilers will necessarily be discussed!


If you would like your character to give a short speech, please contact me before the event, at @eggplant-squire / @hasty-touch, through @ardently-faithful, or in-game on Rosaire Ledigne. This time around, there is an in-character summary of the Second Colloquy available for you to use as inspiration if you wish to pre-write some words for your character to say.

Although we will not yet enforcing strict time limits, in the interest of giving more people a chance to be heard, I will try this time to ask you to keep your prewritten speeches <= about 15 minutes, and then I’ll plan to follow each speech with an open discussion of about the same span of time. After all (any?) prewritten speeches are given, we’ll have loosely-moderated open discussion until 7:00 PM EDT or until people have no more comments to make!


Please do note that it is not too late to submit your feedback and thoughts regarding this Colloquy of Ishgard event series, either through the usual channels or this little Google Form I made. I am always eager for input and criticism, so please don’t be shy!!


And once more, thank you so much for your continued and kind interest! ))

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