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The Thespian Theatre <<ActRP>>


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[align=center]Welcome to The Thespian Theatre![/align]

[align=center]Balmung Server[/align]



An Elezen woman inherited an inn from her grandfather, continuing the tradition of providing a place for rest and relaxation. As the years passed by, her inn has brought together misfit travelers who all have banded together, forming a group which worked upon trust and reliance upon one another for aid. All was well, or so the band of mercenaries thought. However, the residents of the small inn have found that their gil problems were piling, and fate would force their hand to adjust.



And thus, The Thespian Theatre was formed! The mercenaries keep hold of their old ways, but have learned new skills to provide entertainment for all! Their plays, songs, and comedy skits bring joy and amazement to all. All are welcome to enjoy the shows, as The Thespian Theatre offers it's grand entertainment in order to save the inn which they all have come to call home.



[align=center]Why join The Thespian Theatre?[/align]

1) The Thespian Theatre offers great RP possibilites, willing to accept both new and old RPers. We also offer RP mingling with other FC's for unique oppurtunities!

2) We don't always do shows every day, we also offer help and groups for doing Content. We will be doing Raids, Dungeons, and helping any who needs to do Quests.

3) Friendly Officers! Wow, how did you know we would say this? Well, it actually is true! Our Officers and FC Leader are quite happy to offer help for anything or to explain certain things. There is usually one of on at all times, so no matter what Timezone, you'll find someone to ask.

4) Discord! It's free, easy to use, and keeps us close. We have people constantly using the Voice Chat (VC) as well as using the Text Chat (TC). You can even use it on your phone with no problems!

5) We are a casual RP FC, with that said, WE DO FOLLOW THE LORE. We do research the lore for RP and have links pointing to what the lore is for all matters. We do allow for the experimentation of different RP ideas, as long as they don't cause, too many problems.

6) No Drama, we absolutely hate people who cause arguments and grief others for no reason. We offer a friendly and happy atmosphere for all who join. If you don't want to join, fine then! Be that way! But do stop by and catch a show!

7) Can't act? That's fine! We are not only asking for those who join to be part of the show, we are also hiring for staffing and security! There is always a place for someone who has the will to have fun!





[align=center]Recruitment Status![/align]




[align=center]For recruiting possibilities/interviews, please send a /tell to the following people:[/align]

[align=center]Oraku Daez  -  Sakkara Ali'gana  -  Efix Sirins[/align]

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