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The Limitless Reliquary

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[align=center]You walk up towards the Adventurers Guild and while looking at the bulletin board, you find advertisement describing a Free Company known as The Limitless Reliquary

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History hidden...


Society shrouded in secrets...


Ancient artifacts adrift...


Peoples in need…


                Will they fall into the hands of defenders, or devils?


 We will defend them, from monsters, from artifacts, from those who mean to do harm!



Limitless Reliquary is a humanitarian group looking to aid all who needs it, we would like to provide aid in any way we can, fighting off those who do harm, providing medical aid to those who are without, look for ancient artifacts that could go into the wrong hands, and even social events to raise money.



We are a band of people from all walks of life, treasure hunters, fierce mercenaries, healers, scholars, and even thieves. All doing what they do best to help those in need, Will you be one of them?[/align]

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8/29/16 Update!


Main Post Edits:


- Combat System


Inside the FC:


- After getting information from a previous contact, Limitless Reliquary was tasked with retrieving two relics. With the help of Marigold, they were able to take one of the thieves down and obtain one of the relics, however, the other thief got away with the second relic. As of right now, they are unsure as to what this relic does and hope to be able to figure out once they uncover the 2nd one.


- We have a new event coming up which will continue the current arc


If you want to be apart of the relic hunters adventures, then don't be shy and submit an application! :D

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9/14/16 Update!


FC Listing:


  • Added more phrases that better describes Limitless Reliquary


Inside the FC:


  • Still staying consistent with holding weekly events! Not only did we host our main arc event, but Tatsumi Hanateru was able to host her own event for the FC to help with her personal plot. We will be hosting another event for the main arc this Saturday



  • Details from the main arc: Thanks to Marigold and Tatsumi, Limitless Reliquary was able to find the whereabouts of the second relic and retrieve it with little to no conflict. However, as the Free Company went back on their airship, they found that they attracted some unwanted attention from the Garleans. After successfully escaping, the company is left to wonder why the Garleans would be after the same relic.

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10/17 Update:


-After making the FC transition, we continued our main story from Arcadeus. This was the first event we've had since taking the name as The Limitless Reliquary.

-We're now rank 8


Only a small update, but we're still going strong and are happy to see that even given out current situation with no house, people are still sending in applications.

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11/30 Update!

We now have a small house! It'll be temporary until we can get a larger house and special thanks to Desmond for letting us buy his house. The renovations we've made look lovely and already do we have our own clinic provided by Ora Orara, our workshop, a magitek lab provided by Valen Stalhart, and a meeting room provided by Damaris Kinclaid.


We also have plans of hosting a server-wide event, so keep an eye out for any further information about that.

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