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Battle on the Big Beach!

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As summer winds down, a last big trip down to the beach seems necessary. Luckily, the Anemos Circle is coming up on it’s 3rd anniversary, and we feel the need to celebrate in a very big way.



The Anemos Circle welcomes you to our first big event: Battle on the Big Beach!



The Battle on the Big Beach is a big tournament-style battle of fists, spears, swords, and other pointy-weapons. There are many fun times to be had under the sun, and we want you all to join in! 



Additionally, we shall be expecting a very special announcement from our leader, Cella Sciarrone.



Battle on the Big Beach will operate as follows:


There are two main divisions: The Master Division and The Fledgling Division.

Fighters will sign up to fight and be placed into the division they check off in the link below. Fighters will be randomly assigned an opponent. The last one standing in either division are the winners.



Remember that this is an exhibition of skill. 

PLEASE DO NOT: Maim, dismember, explosives, or anything else crazy. Fighters that do not fight hand-to-hand will be provided with blunted weapons. 



Some bruises and scrapes are acceptable, but please do not fight to kill.


Do you not like to fight? Do you want to have fun in the sun without the sweat?


We have some pretty fun events planned as well! Come play Tug-o’-war, Dunk The Lalafell–Leii Lei, guess the flavors of Maryel’s Magnificent Mystery Muffins or test your magical ability with one of our specialized puzzles! 


Finally, at the end of it all, join us on the Boardwalk for treats by our special chef: Maryel Shadowstalker, who will be treating us all to sweet iced treats and other foods.


So come join us, eat a lot, duke it out with your friends, and have a lot of fun on the beach with us!


**Swimsuits, bikinis and other skimpy attire optional, but encouraged. (Edit: Behave, you will be in public. Violators will be tossed into the dunk tank)


Fighters, please click HERE to head over to the sign-up sheet.



The Battle at the Big Beach happens Tuesday, August 16, 2016 starting at 8:00pm! Mist Ward 1 Beach!



For any questions, feel free to ask!



If you have tumblr, feel free to follow our FC-tumblr here and feel free to ask Jace Hunter if you have any questions! See you there!

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We're filling up nicely! Don't forget that you can still come to this event if you're not a fighter, and you can still sign up if you're not a fighter, as well!


We could use a few more master fighters, and a lot more fledglings! If you sign up as "both" there is a chance you may end up in either division depending on availability.


Thank you all so much for the interest, can't wait for Tuesday!

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