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[inaccurate; delete] Dreadwyrm


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[align=center]the previous contents of this thread are now inaccurate to the nature and goals of the ls, and thus this thread is defunct. please delete![/align]




There are researchers who fancy the past. They clamor about Eorzea, scavenging the ruins of Allag for pieces of knowledge. They would do anything… and that means anything. In pieces of Dalamud or fragments of ancient technology, linkpearls hide, echoing ancient Allagan phrases from thousands of years ago. Some pick up these linkpearls, only to find others have had the same idea. Those who meddle with Allag are driven mad by Allag… And sometimes, a strange voice speaks new phrases in the ancient tongue, known only as Nerve.


This relatively-new FC and Linkshell is oriented toward villains who enjoy exploring things relating to Allagan technology, ancestry, magicks, et al. As it is a safe network for villainous characters with these leanings (so, usually criminals), IC code-names are advised, but not required... After all, as morally gray or just outright bad some people may seem on the other end of the line, you may not always have a good reason to trust in who they say they are...


IC. There aren't a lot of expectations we expect pertaining to characters or how they're written, seeing as IC shenanigans are expected to be kept IC. To this end, metagaming will not be tolerated. We also expect participant characters to be compliant with the established lore.


OOC. We have an OOC discord. If you are interested in joining, send a PM asking for it, and I will give you an invite. We're all pretty chill usually.


JOIN. Members of the with privileges to invite are:

  • P'ianthe Aliapoh (Owner)
  • Apollox Daviron (Officer)
  • Leonnaux Altoix (Officer) (This one is me! Note however  that I only have privileges to invite to the Linkshell, as my character is in a different Free Company at the time of this writing.)


However, it should be noted that we do have an application. This is so we can ascertain that a character will fit in with us, and so that we can get a super-basic handle on the person behind the character, mostly in regards to your schedule and how we can contact you if we need to outside of the game. When your application has been reviewed and accepted, one of us will send you an LS invite in-game and a Discord invite if you have a Discord and have not already joined the channel.


[align=center]APPLICATION (GOOGLE FORMS)[/align]

[align=center]δάφνη ακρώμιο στη δόξα[/align]


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Update: As of August 27, 2016, Dreadwyrm has changed to a Free Company, though the Linkshell still very much exists in more or less the same capacity except it's also a Free Company now and will eventually have all the perks associated with that probably. I'm just the messenger!


Although I put together the application, please note that if you choose to contact me rather than P'ianthe or Apollox in-game, I can only speak for and provide access to the linkshell, as my character IC is formally member of a different free company.

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