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Zalera Roleplay!

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Greetings all roleplayers! Are you looking to make another RP alt? Do you want a different roleplay experience than what you can find on your overpopulated main server? Do you just want to find a place to take a break from all the Balmung or Gilgamesh traffic? Do you actually want to buy a house (yeah you can buy a house!)? Then Zalera Roleplayers is for you! Come join us on Zalera server and roleplay with a chill group of like minded people.


The charm of Zalera is that it is an extremely underpopulated server. You can actually RP in the Quicksand without the worry of lag! Also, housing is extremely cheap and plentiful, so want that roleplay hub of your own? You can have it! If we get enough people interested, we will have a theme for this linkshell. The end goal is to create a free company and get a free company house for all to roleplay in (preferably a mansion!). So what are you waiting for? Come join us!


If you'd like more information, I am Liara Lia and Y'zhara Zekial on Balmung, and I am also Relana Spiros on Zalera. You may also contact Jajaruka Talaruka and Gunduin Banedriver on Balmung, or Damien Spiros on Zalera. Hope to see you soon! :D

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